Die-Cut Flyer Design Essentials

resources imageThe ultimate in marketing convenience, flyers have long been employed by businesses as a way to attract attention in a variety of settings. Savvy marketers know that breaking design conventions with savvy promotional pieces draws customers in, which is why die-cut flyer design is especially effective in any market. For maximum effect, the interior design of your die-cut flyer should complement the exterior shape. Here are some die-cut flyer tips you can implement when planning your next die-cut flyer design:

Choose a meaningful shape and size

While die-cut flyers have more return on investment-boosting influence than traditional rectangular flyers, you shouldn't simply choose a die-cut flyer shape on a whim. Instead, carefully consider your message and the image your die-cut flyer should project, and choose a die-cut shape that matches your theme. Make sure your shape and size will work well together within their end environment: a 6-inch by 8-inch flyer would work well for a counter top, while an 11-inch by 17-inch flyer would stand out when tacked to a wall. Above all, you want your die-cut flyer to tell a distinctive story through shape, size, color and copy.

Harmonize interior design with exterior shape

resources imageOnce you've decided what shape your die-cut flyer is to take, brainstorm design concepts that complement it. Use graphic shapes, lines, images and text to carry the theme of your die cut from the outside in - or, conversely, from the inside out if your die-cut flyer is based on interior images. Explore ways in which you can draw your audience into your call to action through harmonized design elements throughout your die-cut flyer.

Contrast colors to stand out from the crowd

Incorporate complementary, yet contrasting, colors to help your die-cut flyer design easily stand out from the competition. You can contrast interior colors such as yellow text against a black background, or contrast your entire die-cut flyer against the background of the wall or table where it will be placed. If you're not sure where your die-cut flyers will hang or rest, choose colors that are likely to stand out against most backgrounds. Most walls are not pink, bright blue, green or purple, for example, so these colors have a good chance of standing out against most backgrounds.

Use a template

Professional die-cut flyer templates save you time and money, and streamline the entire process for overall efficiency. You can choose from hundreds of pre-formatted die-cut flyer templates in the die gallery, or you can have your custom die-cut flyer template created for you. The advantage of professionally prepared die-cut flyer templates is that they're already set with bleed lines, cutlines and safety areas, so you can deftly position your layout with confidence. They're also pre-formatted in the proper color mode and resolution, ensuring that your die-cut flyers look as great off the press as they do on your computer screen. Die-cut flyer design can achieve outstanding results, especially when interior design is drawn in harmony with exterior shape. Follow these die-cut flyer design tips to take your flyer marketing campaigns to new heights and increased profit margins.