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Design Ideas for Die-Cut Stickers That Stand Out

resources imageDie-cut stickers are also known as custom-shape stickers due to their custom-cut shapes. They stand apart from basic shape stickers since they can be done in several interesting pre-made shapes or even a design you create yourself. If your logo has a specific shape, for example, you can make use of this with the die-cut option to create a strong association as recognizable as Nike's "swish," Apple's "apple" and Harley Davidson's "badge." All in all, the design of your sticker is most effective if: It immediately catches the eye since the recipient will more likely display it proudly. It immediately catches the eye of everyone else seeing it. In this capacity, shape and color are instantaneously eye-catching and memorable. The visual impact of die-cut/custom-shaped stickers cannot be underestimated. Shape and color are two important visual factors that should be considered when it comes to standing out. With shape, it is the association made that gives your sticker value and meaning. A surfboard-shaped sticker, for example, will be instantly associated with surfing and surfing products or services. Meanwhile, a diamond-shaped sticker can either be associated with jewelry or baseball products and services but certainly not with surfing. Shape, as a basic element of design, has universal meaning even without the message. It can be visually guided, organized and interpreted in an instant, which is about the time it might take for other people to see your sticker no matter how colorful. resources imageYou can also make sure your stickers pop-out and attract more eyes by using color effectively. In addition, tapping into color can provoke a precise response or put someone into a specific mood. Red says passion or love. Yellow says caution. Blue is laid-back and cool yet implies authority (such as law enforcement or military). Meanwhile, green can say environmentally friendly. Here are some useful tips when you are looking for creative ]]>design ideas for your die-cut stickers]]>:

Tip No. 1

If you are considering die-cut as an option, put a lot of thought into the shape as it relates to your business and even your logo or message. Make sure all these elements fit together. For example, if your logo has a rhomboid shape, make use of it with the die-cut sticker printing option. It will reinforce your brand and make it recognizable on all fronts from your stickers to business card logo to your store sign.

Tip No. 2

There are three basic types of shapes: geometric, natural and abstract. Geometric shapes are squares, circles and triangles, among many other familiar ones. Rectangles and squares in various sizes are usually readily available for standard sticker printing, while circles and triangles are custom-shaped options (in the ready-to-go die-cut library). Natural shapes include leaves or an ink blob. Apart from the basic geometric shape, abstract shapes, which are sometimes simplified versions of natural shapes, are the most identifiable and memorable. Examples of abstract shapes include "his" and "her" shapes to identify bathrooms or the "person in wheelchair" handicap symbol. Again, think about what fits your product or service best.

Tip No. 3

If you need more inspiration, many sticker printing companies (such as PsPrint) carry hundreds of stock dies to give you additional ideas. Some creative dies include heart shapes (if you are in the business of fitness or care giving), a puzzle piece (if you problem-solving business such as consulting), crayon (for anything kid-related), a box with ribbon (for anything gift-related) and much more.

Tip No. 4

With the four-color capabilities of sticker printing, you can convey your specific message or set your mood through color alone. Make sure, however, that you combine your color choices with your copy and any other graphics on your sticker design. Color should be used to emphasize but not distract. In cases where your copy and/or graphics are heavy, two colors or less on your sticker might work better. Furthermore, the additional cost of choosing die-cut/custom-shape is insignificant compared to the long-term value of creating a buzz and standing out with something as unique and untapped a marketing medium such as promotional stickers.