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Direct-Mail Add-ons That Increase Response Rates

resources imageWhen done right, direct-mail marketing can be extremely effective in expanding any business' customer base. The first goal of any print marketing strategy is always getting your customers to take notice. Modern customers are inundated with advertising on a daily basis and are used to ignoring it. As a result, marketing has to become more creative if it is going to be successful. One of the best things you can do to help your advertisement stand out is give it some extra kick with add-ons. Here are four creative direct-mail printing add-ons that increase response rate:

1) Scratch offs This type of add-on resembles a lottery ticket. This strategy is effective because it elicits the same excitement that the lottery offers. If you sold pizzas, for instance, you could send out a sales letter with a scratch off that lets customers win 20 percent off their order, or they could win 10 free pizzas. Few people throw away the chance to win something for free. The trick is to have a "big" prize for a few customers and a "small" prize for most so you can boost business.

2) Foil stamping resources imageOne of the easiest ways to establish prestige is to incorporate foil stamping in your designs. Studies have shown that foil stamping can lead customers to expect that your product is better, as well as expect to pay more for it. Foil stamps add pop to any marketing medium, increasing overall appeal and response rate.

3) Stickers People love to affix stickers to things, especially if they're useful. You could print stickers to be used as calendar or appointment reminders, bumper stickers or folder labels. A common technique is to print address labels with your customers' mailing information on them. If you include a URL to your website, your customers will literally run direct-mailing campaigns for you every time they send a letter out!

4) Die cuts Die cuts add a unique look to your promotional materials and get noticed right away. You can choose from pre-made die cuts from the die gallery at PsPrint, or have a custom die cut made just for your business. Originality plays a huge role in a branded strategy. Direct mail is a highly effective investment, and you can increase your response rate and boost profits tremendously by employing these attention-getting devices in your next direct-mail marketing campaign.