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Direct-Mail Tips for the Fourth of July

Direct MailTipsfortheFourthofJuly

Integrating the occurrence of national holidays into your direct-mail marketing campaigns can land major sales, and the Fourth of July is no exception. Since mailing “Happy Fourth of July” cards isn't necessarily a common practice (in comparison to, say, Easter or Christmas) you can stand out with this unique opportunity to not only promote your services to your customers, but to show them that you care about them as people – not to mention as citizens of a great nation. The Fourth of July is one of the best times to remind your clients that your business is patriotic. To do this, consider sending a brochure, postcard, flyer or catalog with a patriotic theme. Many businesses choose to have special sales for the Fourth of July, and you don't want your competitors to get all the attention! Consider a design that employs a red, white and blue color scheme to evoke patriotism, but do so in a new and unique way. You might change your logo colors to match the American flag, for example.

Offer discounts

If you want to go the extra mile, consider providing a small service to our boys and girls in uniform, either pro-bono or a discount. Such sentiments serve multiple purposes: First and foremost, and perhaps most importantly, you will have the satisfaction of helping one of the men or women that risk their lives for our country. On top of that, the word of mouth created by doing this will be enormous, and have a very positive effect on your business. Make sure you advertise this in your promotional newspaper and magazine inserts, flyers and posters; and spread the word to the press to earn some free PR for your company. Best case scenario? You get a picture in the paper of you and a smiling Vet shaking hands! All that being said, the Fourth of July is about patriotism to the United States but as a business it is about making sales. Stick to your guns – whatever has worked well for you historically – and continue to market through flyers, posters, direct-mail postcards, inserts, catalogs and brochures. Launch a special offer that will bring traveling tourists to your place of business, even for a few minutes, to peruse your retail selection.

Give it time

If you're in the service industry, don't limit your sale to the Fourth of July weekend – make your Independence Day sale last an entire week so all potential customers have ample time to take advantage of your special offer. Cater to your customers, and they will flock to you.

Print, mail, repeat

A final word about direct-mail marketing for the Fourth of July: Start marketing early, and use repetition to your advantage. The Revolutionary War wasn't won in a day, and you won't sway customers to leave competitors if you simply send a single postcard. Ramp up your strategy and fire off several postcards, flyers, and brochures in the weeks and days leading up to your special Independence Day sale, and you'll have customers chomping at the bit to lay down their money and do good, solid, American business with you.