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Door Hanger Color Combos That Make an Impression

resources imageDoor hangers can be a highly successful marketing tool for many businesses and organizations. They offer huge value and unlimited potential, as they are almost impossible to ignore. Door hangers are very cost effective and, due to their location, often achieve a high response rate compared to other forms of direct marketing. Door hanger design is one of the most vital parts of a successful marketing campaign. Bright, bold colors combined with thought-provoking images are sure to grab attention. Large, clear headlines and contact information increase the chance that the information contained on your door hangers will actually be read. Here's your guide to door hanger color combos that make a lasting impression.

Color combos

resources imageBelow are some examples of color combinations that can be used to create a successful door hanger design: Black with yellow/orange - Orange and yellow are colors that indicate energy. When combined with black, marketing materials will grab attention and encourage customers to make a move. Blue with yellow - Blue and yellow provide a sharp contrast when used together, especially deep shades of yellow. The cool and warm shades are reminiscent of water and sun, so they are great for promoting beach or summer products and services. Orange with blue - Orange is one of the most successful marketing colors. It motivates customers with its bright energy. Blue combines well with orange and adds a calming feel to the design. Purple with yellow - Purple is often used to signify royalty and elegance. When combined with yellow, a sophisticated yet captivating design is the result. Add gold tones to enhance the royal appeal. Red with green - This color combination is often associated with Christmas or Italian products, so it should be used sparingly (unless that is what you are marketing, of course). In creative combination, you can create a highly engaging marketing design with these colors.

Color wheel

The previous list of color combinations is nowhere near exhaustive. By using a color wheel, you can customize your own combinations, as follows: Complementary - By using two opposite colors from the color wheel, complementary color schemes are often the most striking. Examples include blue and yellow and purple and green. Triadic - With a triadic color scheme, three colors are used that are equally spaced apart on the color wheel, creating a triangle. This type of scheme is aesthetically pleasing and offers contrast and balance at the same time. Examples include blue, green and red. Monochromatic - With a monochromatic color scheme, choose one color as your base color and all other colors are just different shades of that base color. Monochromatic schemes can add class and professionalism to your door hanger when done well. It is important to note that if there is a lack of contrast, they can appear boring and dull. Analogous - This color scheme uses colors that are adjacent to one another. They can include anywhere from three to five colors to add contrast and brighten your design. It is important to not move too far from your base color or the design will become confusing and lose its effect. Door hangers are powerful marketing tools, and even more so when they utilize the power of color to attract attention and drive your message home. Make sure you enhance your design and colors by printing your door hangers on 12-point gloss cover stock for the most impressive look!