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Door Hanger Marketing In The Digital Age

Door Hanger Marketing

Despite premature predictions for the death of print, marketers have found that some of the most effective marketing campaigns combine both print and digital media. The combination is a potent one-two punch in which print media makes it easy to reach a highly targeted audience and digital media makes it easy for customers to quickly respond and make purchases. When it comes to door hanger marketing, the digital age has presented new opportunities to bolster door hanger impact, create desire, increase response rates, and ultimately motivate purchases and boost profits. The following examines how the digital age has impacted door hanger marketing and presents ideas you can use to get more out of door hanger marketing in the digital age. Better targeting One of the advantages the digital age brings to the table is better neighborhood targeting for door hanger distribution. Advanced demographics collection, sorting and analysis courtesy of “Big Data” have made it possible to concentrate your door hanger distribution efforts in neighborhoods inhabited by people who are most likely to buy. The better your door hanger distribution is targeted, the less waste you have and the greater return on investment. Increased return on investment Door hanger printing has become more accessible to small businesses as digital technology reduces the price of full-color printing, die cuts, foil stamps, tear off coupon perforations and more. When you can take advantage of premium, yet discounted, door hanger printing you instantly increase your return on investment. Keep in mind that increasing your return on investment is dependent on both your ability to reduce costs and your ability to print more effective door hangers. Door hanger to website marketing One of the best ways to land new customers is to use your door hangers to direct them to your website or online catalog. Your door hangers should include coupon codes to make it easy for customers to justify buying now. Don't give customers too much time; you might find you earn a better response rate if customers only have 24 hours from delivery to deadline then if you give customers several weeks to respond. The value and timing of your door hanger offer can play a critical role in your overall campaign success. Door hanger to app marketing Have a new app to promote? It can be tough to compete against thousands of app-makers online, but you can reach potential users where your competitors are missing with door hangers. Door hangers might not make sense for every app, but if you have an app with a local focus they can easily help you spread the word and earn downloads from your target customers. QR codes Add QR codes to your door hangers to make it easy for customers to scan your links with their smartphones. You can link to your website, app, social media profiles or even online product demonstration videos to bolster your marketing pitch, answer common questions, and instantly create desire. The best part is you can easily create QR codes for free using any one of a number of available online QR code generators, even if you're not tech-savvy. Augmented reality Though still in its relative infancy, you can apply augmented reality codes to your door hangers to bring your marketing presentation to life. Interactive product demonstrations are possible with AR, as are tours and even games that promote your products and services. Social media Another way to combine digital and print marketing on door hangers is to lead customers to your social media pages (with QR codes, no less). Give customers an incentive to “like” or “follow” you on Facebook and Twitter, respectively, or give them a coupon redeemable only when they check in using any number of local merchant apps. Adding social media to the door hanger marketing mix allows you to collect leads in new areas and to add a fun and interactive element to your campaign. Track response with coupon codes Placing coupon codes on door hangers isn't a new concept, but it's one made possible with digital technology. Coupon codes entered into online shopping carts and catalog apps allow you to easily track your door hanger response rates. Coupon codes are excellent opportunities to collect valuable data with almost zero effort. More printing options One of the greatest advantages the digital age has brought to door hanger marketing is the ability to choose nearly any printing company you want. That means you can print door hangers on premium paper stocks, which have been proven to positively impact how potential customers view your brand, products, and services. And, as previously mentioned, you also have access to discount door hanger printing, which can vastly increase your return on investment. Hands-free door hanger distribution Finally, the digital age has made it easy to find door hanger distribution services. If you don't want to hit the streets to deliver door hangers yourself, you can contract with companies that form “street teams” to get the word out for you. If you live in a smaller area, going online might be the only way to take advantage of such services. Combined with online door hanger printing, you can launch a successful door hanger marketing campaign without ever having to leave your computer. Door hanger marketing is a great way to reach a well-targeted customer base. Add in an amazing offer, compelling copy, attention-commanding design and a powerful call to action, and your door hanger campaign will be primed for success. Take advantage of the advances the digital age has brought to door hanger marketing to print more effective door hangers, reduce your initial investment, increase your return on investment and profits, and reach customers in new areas your competitors are missing. As you can see, both digital and print marketing can be powerful standalone marketing tools; but when used in tandem they can present new marketing opportunities that not only lead to more profitable campaigns, but also help build long-term customer relationships.