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Door Hangers for Political Campaign Success

Door hangers are the perfect political campaign marketing tool. Not only do they allow you to distribute your platform pitch economically, they put you face-to-face in front of your constituents. Voters like to feel that they know their representatives, and there's no better way to convey that sentiment than actually getting to know your voters. The door hanger distribution process provides the best of both worlds, so follow these tips to maximize your campaign efforts using door hangers.

Ring, then hang

resources imageWhen you distribute your printed door hangers, make sure you go to each door and knock or ring the doorbell to see if anyone is home before you leave your door hanger. If someone is home, see if you can spend a few minutes talking about their goals so you can better understand what they're seeking in a representative. Then, deliver your pitch and leave your door hanger. If no one is home, just leave the door hanger (NOTE: This should be done relatively early in the game to give you ample time to get to everyone. You can distribute hang-and-go door hangers the night before the election).

Go it alone, or go grassroots

Pavement pounding is essential for many small-town politicians, and if you can get to some or all of your voters' homes personally it will bode better for you. If that is impossible, go grassroots by asking volunteers to distribute your door hangers for you. You can assign them to speak about your campaign (as mentioned in previous paragraph), or you can simply ask them to hang and go. Either way, you want an honest grassroots campaign, because it could ignite viral interest beyond your door hanger distribution.

Include vital information

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"Vote for Bob" is not an effective door hanger. It's a waste of money and time. "Vote for Bob because Bob pledges to: a) reduce government spending; b) reduce taxes; and c) revitalize the entertainment district and bring more jobs" is a great door hanger. Include a website URL so voters can learn more about how you intend to do each. Benefits and credibility are important to voters, so it is imperative that your door hangers demonstrate the benefits you'll bring to them. It's also important that your website and door hanger work together to establish credibility. If you have a plan, your words are more meaningful.

Print to impress

Print your door hangers on thick-yet-economical 12-point gloss paper to establish stability and frugality. You can even use this as part of your pitch for an economically strapped community: "This door hanger was frugally printed on 12-point gloss stock. Bob spends only what is needed to get the job done. As your representative, he will do the same." Door hangers, like yard signs, are a staple of political election campaigns and are so prevalent that you have to be creative to really stand out from the competition. Remember that the goal of door hanger distribution is to introduce your campaign to voters, detail the benefits of electing you and establishing your credibility toward that end. You have to make voters feel comfortable electing you. Door hangers can help.