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Double Profits with Double-Sided Business Cards

The back side of your business card is prime real estate for adding value and extending your sales pitch. It's an excellent way to boost business by keeping your business cards in the hands of prospects longer and implementing an influential call to action. By far, this is one of the most inexpensive ways to double-up on your marketing efforts. Here are a few ideas for using double-sided business cards to double your income:

Strong brandingresources image

You can increase brand recognition by simply placing your logo and tagline on the back side of your business card and have the traditional business card elements on the other side. A great logo and tagline combination offers a compelling reason for people to turn your card over, especially if they come across it face-down.

Services and fees

The flipside of your business card is a great place to list your services and the fees associated with them, especially if you provide many services that could not fit on a one-sided card. If you're pushing a particular product or service, you can use the back of your business card to showcase images and specs. Make sure you list your features and benefits, but don't try to cram too much information on them. One great idea is to entice prospects to see the full white paper by visiting a specific web page, where you'll collect their email address in return for the white paper download and thus generate a targeted mailing list of people interested in your product.

Demographic data collection

Try using the back of your business card for a small survey that collects pertinent demographic data, which can be presented for a free giveaway.

Coupons and discounts

resources imageThe back of your business card is a great place for adding coupons or discounts to entice prospects to make a purchase. You can also make it a punch card that's stamped every time they make a purchase, with a free giveaway once all the spots are stamped. You can add value to your business card by including information your target audience will find useful such as a sports schedule, event schedule or conversion chart. This increases the likelihood that your business cards will be kept for several months or longer. Your business card is your first and foremost marketing tool, so it makes sense to add an advertisement on the back of it. Think about using a billboard-type ad that grabs attention with stunning images and a unique call to action. Naturally, the reverse side will contain the traditional contact information.

Be creative

Try including something witty and unique about your business on the back of your business card. An optometrist might include an eye chart ("If you can't read this, call for an appointment"), for instance; while a psychologist might include an ink blot ("What does this say to you? Let's talk about that"). A paint supply store could include color swatches on the back of their business card, while an accountant could include a list of tax deductions for small businesses. Look at the price differences between ordering single-sided and double-sided business cards; you'll notice that doubling your marketing real estate does not double your costs. Savvy marketers know that incorporating the back side of your business card is one of the most inexpensive ways to put it to work selling for you; and simple additions such as those outlined above can instantly double your business card's return on investment.