Going Green with Club Card Flyers

resources imageIf your company has a green agenda, club card flyers offer the perfect opportunity to expand your eco-friendly business practices. Attractive and affordable, green club card flyers are simple to implement and pack impressive response potential. If you don't have a green agenda, it would be wise to consider adopting one since many customers today are making purchasing decisions based on eco-friendly companies, products and services. As such, green club card flyers allow you to save the environment, enhance your public image and boost sales simultaneously. Here's your guide to going green with club card flyers:

Print with soy inks

PsPrint prints club card flyers with soy-based inks because they emit far fewer volatile organic compounds than traditional petroleum-based inks. Soy inks spread farther, so the VOC reduction afforded by the use of these inks is even greater. What's more, soy inks produces more vibrant colors than petroleum inks, so your club card flyer designs brim with brilliance and command attention.


Recycling your old club card flyers not only saves the environment, it saves money since many communities offer free recycling pick-up but charge for garbage services. Not only should you recycle your old club card flyers, you should recycle any perforated portions used as tickets, surveys, coupons and other tear-offs.

Spread the green word

resources imageUse the back of your club card flyer to detail your company's green business practices. Tell the story of why your company has an eco-friendly agenda and offer suggestions for how your customers can join in the green movement at home. Even better, include a perforated tear-away that lists these eco-friendly techniques. Your customers can then pin it to their bulletin boards or refrigerators as daily reminders of how they can help the environment (and why your company is a good choice - perhaps you could include an upcoming event list as well!).

Get an eco-friendly electronic proof

Hardcopy proofs are best for first-time print runs, but if your club card flyers are reruns, or you only have minor changes (such as changing the name and date of a show), you can opt for an eco-friendly electronic proof. Electronic proofs save on paper and postage packaging waste and negate the need for harmful deliver van emissions. Since there's no go-between delivery time, you can turn your club card flyer print job around fast. Green club card flyer printing is extremely easy to implement without sacrificing quality. In fact, soy inks actually enhance the quality of your club card flyers. Small measures like this add up to a profound environmental impact, especially when instituted over time and by many organizations. For attractive and affordable green marketing that enhances your public image, saves the environment and boosts sales, nothing beats eco-friendly club card flyers.