Going Green with Die-Cut Flyers

Die-cut flyer printing is one of the easiest green business practices you can introduce to your forward-thinking eco-friendly agenda. More and more customers are making purchasing decisions based on company policies, and eco-friendly efforts pay off in public image, increased sales and contributing toward a cleaner, greener planet. Here's your guide to going green with die-cut flyers:

Print die-cut flyers with soy-based inksresources image

Soy-based inks emit far fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional petroleum-based inks, so die-cut flyers printed with soy inks are much more environmentally friendly. Soy ink coloring is more vibrant than petroleum, so your die-cut flyer designs pop with brilliance when you choose soy-based inks instead of petroleum inks. By doing so, you get a better quality product that's still eco-friendly.


Not only should you recycled old flyers, you should choose an online printing company such as PsPrint that recycles die-cut trimmings from the finishing process. You can even use your flyer to encourage others to recycle. Once your audience follows through on your call to action, politely ask them to recycle your flyer to help your company's eco-friendly efforts. Simply include a line at the bottom or on the back of your flyer, accompanied by a green, soy or eco-friendly logo to attract attention.

Spread the green news

resources imageDie-cut flyers offer the perfect opportunity to boost your public image by sharing your green story. Try using the back of your flyer to detail the measures your company has taken to be eco-friendly, and what your vision for the future is. You can also add value to your flyer by including a list of green business practices your customers can employ in their homes or offices, and the influence each practice has on the environment. You can use die-cut flyers as a central element in a PR campaign that focuses on your green agenda and tells your customers you care about their world. Everything from your die-cut flyer shape to its design and copy can be tailored to expressing your cause.

Order an electronic proof

Experts recommend getting a hardcopy proof for your die-cut flyers, and this is usually the best practice. If you're printing another run of a previously approved piece or making a few minor text changes, however, you can opt for an electronic proof. Electronic proofs save paper and printing processes, postage materials and even delivery vehicle emissions. This might seem a small contribution to the green movement, but in the long run and in volume the savings add up quickly. The e-proofing practice is comparable to switching to eco-friendly light bulbs. Going green with die-cut flyers is easy and affordable. In fact, it can both save you money and boost your return on investment and profit margin since many customers are responding to eco-friendly companies. Enhance your public appeal, make more money and save the Earth simultaneously by going green with die-cut flyers.