Going Green with Rack Cards

Think you have to choose between fast, high-quality printing and going green with your printed materials? Think again! Revolutionary eco-friendly printing processes have made it easier than ever to print quality, affordable rack cards fast without damaging the environment. Read on to learn how to go green with rack cards.

Print rack cards with soy inksresources image

Soy-based inks emit far fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional petroleum-based inks. Not only that, they spread farther - thus reducing your carbon footprint - and facilitate paper recycling. Even better, soy inks are capable of producing more vibrant colors than petroleum inks, so you get the added benefit of vivid rack cards that stand out from the competition with no extra effort or expense on your part.


When you swap out rack cards for new promotions, new designs or seasonal transitions, be sure to recycle the old rack cards instead of throwing them away. You should also choose an online printing company that recycles its paper waste so you can have peace of mind knowing your eco-friendly efforts extend beyond what you can do in-house. You have a green philosophy and even your marketing materials reflect this.

Print closer

When you choose an online rack card printing company with multiple printing facilities (PsPrint has facilities on the East Coast, the West Coast and the Midwest), you reduce the amount of fossil fuels required to deliver your products. Again, this requires no extra effort or expense and allows you to promote your green agenda on a higher plain.

Spread the green word

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There's nothing wrong with promoting your own green efforts on your rack cards. Incorporate green, eco-friendly, recycling and soy logos on the back of your rack card; or even better, use your green agenda as a marketing tool to attract new business. More and more customers are becoming environmentally conscious and are making decisions based on this philosophy. A hotel that has partnered with World Wildlife Fund to provide green cleaning, washing and bedding practices can promote this through its rack cards, for example. As you can see, going green with rack cards is easy, especially when you choose a printer that shares your eco-friendly philosophy. Recycle old rack cards and use your rack cards to promote your green agenda, and you're bound to drive eco-conscious consumers to your hotel, event, venue or attraction with ease.