Unique Father's Day Design Ideas

Designing Father's Day promotions is both fun and challenging for graphic designers. The trick is in coming up with a creative Father's Day design theme that strikes a chord with your target audience yet is completely original from the competition. Here are some unique Father's Day design ideas you can use as springboards to the imagination this June.

Animals have fathers, tooresources image

Depict animals in your Father's Day designs to captivate your audience, especially if you can come up with something obscure yet relevant to your business. How about a bear showing his cub how to catch salmon, or a praying mantis warning his larvae to "stay away from women" for a humorous slant? You can also be more candid and poignant, such as with a father dog protecting his puppies.

Hard knocks

Some fathers subscribe to the school of hard knocks. Others are more patient teachers and providers. You can depict these qualities of fatherhood in your Father's Day posters, banners, and flyers through creative images.

Market to sub-segments

Fathers tend to have hobbies - several of them. Some fathers fish, others golf or hunt; some like old music or play an instrument; some like to be weekend mechanics and still others like to take their bicycles out for long road trips. To tap into the most lucrative return on investment, learn as much as you can about your target audience to see if you can identify shared hobbies or professions you can use as central themes in your Father's Day designs.


resources imageHumor captivates attention and sells products, so if you can come up with a humorous angle for your Father's Day designs you'll be on the right track to boost your return on investment this year. Perhaps a son would like to say sorry to his father for breaking windows with his baseball. If your target audience is comprised of baseball fans, and you sell baseballs autographed by the game's greats, you could place an image of a baseball signed by, say, Pete Rose on a large-format banner with the phrase: "Dad, I told you I'd pay you back for that broken window."

Cut 'n sparkle

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make your Father's Day brochures, flyers and other designs stand out is to have them die cut or foil stamped. A flyer in the shape of a hammer, golf ball, rifle, bicycle or other fatherly item might be just the ticket to turning heads and winning sales; while a foil stamp flyer or brochure can lend prestige to your offer. No matter what medium your Father's Day designs are intended for make sure you print professional-grade brochures, postcards, catalogs, flyers and banners. Cheap, shoddy-looking printed materials make your company look cheap and shoddy as well; but clean, high-quality materials make your designs pop of the page and promote profit.