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Five Event Flyer Printing Must-Haves

FiveEventFlyerPrintingMust Haves

Event flyer printing is one of the best ways to market everything from meetings to football games to business conferences and seminars, to, well, just about everything else. Every event flyer is different in design, but when it comes to event flyer printing there are certain elements that should always be included. The following five event flyer printing must-haves will help you craft amazing flyers with a great response rates.

1. Premium paper No matter what your event flyer design looks like, it should be printed on premium paper. In fact, premium paper can help a bad design look good; while poor paper stocks can make even the best flyer designs look stagnant and cheap. Flyers printing on premium paper stocks enjoy credibility and durability, bright fresh colors, and ultimately better response rate. Opt for thick, high-quality 16-point gloss cover stock with glossy sheen on both sides for your next event flyer printing.

2. UV coating The only way to make premium paper stocks look even better is with UV coating, and every event flyer should be UV coated to help protect it from the elements. UV coating is fade and water-resistant for longevity and durability, even in outdoor weather; and it adds a brilliant sheen to your designs that commands attention for your events. At such a low investment, UV coating should never be left off of your event flyers.

3. Flair Your event flyers must have flair to get noticed and to motivate your target audience to take action. But what is flair? Well, it starts with your design – and you'll need a killer design, to boot. But you can also add flair with custom flyer sizes, die cuts, foil stamps, perforations for tear-off coupons and tickets, scoring lines, and drilled holes. Anything that helps set your design apart, attract attention, make your point, brand your company or motivate response is considered flair – and should be a part of your event flyer printing strategy.

4. Event flyer printing templates Even the best designers can have trouble assuring a perfect print run, but that task is far easier when you download free event flyer printing templates from PsPrint. These templates have no graphic design elements on them, which means you're free to design event flyers just as you'd like them, from scratch, and infused with your own creative ideas. Free event flyer printing templates from PsPrint do have helpful layout guidelines, such as bleed lines, cut lines and safe areas, to help you properly position your designs. In addition, each template comes pre-formatted in the correct size, color mode and resolution so there's practically no file set up. Simply delete the guide layer when you're done!

5. Hardcopy proof Electronic proofs have made it fast, easy, and cheap to check uploaded files against your original design for layout and typos; however, even today's most advanced electronic proofs can't test for color accuracy. That's why it is important to get a hardcopy proof to have your clients hold in their hands and sign off on before you order the full print run. Hardcopy proofs are inexpensive, and the client absorbs the cost anyway. Think of hardcopy proofs as cheap insurance for a successful event flyer printing job.