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Five Ways to Make Business Flyers Command Attention

Business Flyers

Business flyers are some of the most important – and most powerful – marketing tools for many businesses. Business flyers are diverse: You can hang them anywhere from public locations to targeted niche gathering spots, send them direct mail, place them on windshields, distribute from counters, hand them out directly, pack them in sales letters, have them as trade show handouts, and more. But business flyer distribution is the easy part – you have to make business flyers that command attention in order to get the most bang for the marketing buck.

1. Special sales

If your business flyers are promoting a special sale, you should make your sale discount figure big and bold so it can be seen and understood from afar. This will draw customers' eyes to your discount (use dollar signs and percentage symbols), and use creative flair to couple your sales discount figure with your product offering. You might, for example, create a collage of your products inside it.

2. Odd images

An odd, humorous or out of place image is a great way to command attention for your business flyers. Think of ways to make your unusual images relevant to both your customers and to your products and services. Not only will customers take notice of your business flyers, but they'll also remember them – and if your images are good enough, they'll tell friends about them, doubling or tripling your business flyer's reach.

3. Bright, bold contrast

One of the easiest techniques for commanding attention for your business flyers is to design them with bright, bold, contrasting colors. Yellow text on black, hot pink and fluorescent green, bright blue and orange – all of these color combinations are bright, bold and contrasting. They can't be missed by potential customers strolling down the sidewalk, sitting in a cafe or driving down the street.

4. Environment

Another great way to command attention for your business flyers is to create a design that works within your environment. You might, for example, design a flyer that looks like a window on a brick wall and place it, naturally, on a brick wall and have your company mascot hanging outside of it, announcing a special deal. You can also contrast with your surroundings, putting things where they should not be or casting a surreal glow to the world around your customers. Such unexpected business flyer designs will undoubtedly be noticed.

5. Ask a question

Another simple, but highly effective, way to command attention for your business flyers is to ask a question. Your question should be highly relevant to your target customer base and equally intriguing, so you draw in the perfect customers. The answer, of course, should be relevant to your product or service offering and should motivate customers to take the next step in the purchasing process.