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Four Winning Ideas for Custom Calendar Printing

Custom calendar printing

Custom calendar printing allows you to go the extra mile to connect with your target customer base. Sure, any fresh calendar design you or your graphic design come up with qualifies as “custom,” but calendar printing options yield yet another level of customization capabilities that apply the perfect finishing touch. To make a big splash with your customers, try the following four winning ideas for custom calendar printing.

1. Size

Your online printing company probably offers standard calendar sizes, but see if you can have your calendars printed in a custom size to give your customers something special. You might, for example, want a smaller calendar that will fit nicely beside a computer screen or on a car dashboard. Or, you might want to print an extra-large calendar to make a statement – or to help keep team members on task with a calendar that takes up half a wall.

2. Foil stamp

You can add elegance and fun to your calendars with foil stamps. Foil stamps can be used in your cover and interior page designs. Use thin foil stamps as outlines for graphic elements and text for an elegant look; or, fill large-type text, boxes, backgrounds, and silhouettes with foil stamps for a big, bold, fun appeal. Foil stamps are bright, different, attention-getting, and they show customers you truly care about impressing them.

3. Wire-O

Many calendar printers choose saddle stitching to bind their calendar pages together. This makes sense, since saddle stitching is cheap. But for a few more dollars, you can have your calendars bound with a Wire-O. A Wire-O looks more professional, robust and outstanding; it can leave a lasting impression of your company's character. It's a small investment that can make a huge impact on your customers. Wire-Os highlight your willingness to go the extra mile for your customers and your commitment to quality.

4. Eco-friendly

You can print eco-friendly calendars by choosing the right paper stocks. The perfect solution is a lightweight 70 lb. matte text paper stock that is recycled. This means you get all the benefits of a premium paper stock with the added-in features of recycled paper. Use this information to tell customers your calendars have gone green somewhere in your calendar design and copy.