Going Green with Brochures

Innovative eco-friendly printing processes have made it easier than ever to go green with brochures. Today, more and more businesses and consumers are making purchasing decisions based on a company's eco-friendly status, which means going green with your brochures can help you seal a deal (not to mention save on costs and contribute toward a cleaner environment). Here's your guide to going green with brochures:

Print with soy inks

If you put a brochure printed with petroleum-based inks and a brochure printed with soy-based inks side by side, do you think you'd know the difference? Probably - the soy printed brochure would be more vibrant! Soy inks make it possible to go green without sacrificing quality since they actually enhance colors in comparison to traditional petroleum inks. Soy inks are also eco-friendly, since they emit far fewer volatile organic compounds during the drying process than their non-green counterparts.

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Print on recycled paper

The green movement arguably started over trees, so what better way to save them than by printing your brochures on recycled paper? Again, you don't have to sacrifice quality to be eco-friendly. A recycled 80-pound matte cover stock has an elegant sheen that makes for deep, rich coloring; while a recycled 70-pound matte text stock uses less paper and is still viable as a solid folded brochure.

Recycle old brochures

If you're launching a new brochure campaign and phasing out an old one, don't just toss the old brochures into the trash: Recycle! Recycling outdated brochures can save you time and money (not to mention protect the environment), especially since many cities will take your recyclables away for free but charge for garbage pick-up. Who knows, maybe your old brochures will end up as your new brochures.

Get an electronic proof

Though it's always recommended that you order a hardcopy proof to double-check color and position, if you're ordering follow-up runs or just have a little bit of text to change you can order an electronic proof. Electronic brochure proofs save on printing, packaging and delivery; and ultimately make it faster for you to proof and print your next brochure run.

Spread the green word

resources imageBrochures have diverse uses and have plenty of space for you to tell your audience all about your eco-friendly efforts. Include a small blurb about your company's green agenda, what green business practices you've adopted, and how these positively influence the environment (and our lives). Even better, create an entire green campaign and include a panel full of home or office eco-friendly tips your audience can use to go green themselves - a tear-off that also includes your offer and call to action that they can stick on the hall would be perfect. Going green is affordable, easy, customer-friendly and, most importantly, saves the environment. With so many benefits, isn't it time to go green with your next brochure campaign?