Going Green with Envelopes

There's no question that the environment is in danger, and in response many companies (and their customers) are intervening by implementing eco-friendly business practices in daily life. So much correspondence is sent every day that it's no wonder businesses have found envelopes to be an easy way to introduce a green agenda. The following tips will help you go green with envelopes and contribute to an eco-friendly movement that has impact beyond today's generations:

Print with soy inks

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By having your envelopes printed with soy inks, you dramatically reduce the amount of VOCs (volatile organize compounds) released into the environment. This is because soy inks emit far fewer VOCs than traditional petroleum-based inks, which vent these dangerous chemicals during the ink drying process. Going green with soy ink envelope printing doesn't sacrifice quality, either. Soy inks not only spread farther, they're capable of producing bright colors for more vibrant envelopes that attract immediate attention.

Recycle and reuse

In order to satisfy a comprehensive green agenda, your company should adopt a policy to recycle all envelopes sent to you or extra envelopes that will not be used. Recycling can come in several states, beginning as scrap paper and ending up in a recycling plant (and possibly in your next postcard!). To take it to the next level, make sure your envelopes include a small green-friendly logo and a line urging your recipients to recycle the envelope to keep in line with your company's eco-friendly efforts. Some will recycle the envelopes with that simple reminder, and your company image will benefit.

Get an electronic proof

resources imageWhile it's always a good idea to get a hardcopy proof of new print jobs, if you're reprinting envelopes with little to no changes you can get an electronic proof. Electronic proofs not only save paper, they save postage and shipping materials and even a little bit of exhaust emissions from the delivery driver's truck. When it comes to going green, every little bit counts. Going green with envelope printing is an inexpensive and easy way to introduce eco-friendly business habits in your company. It is also an excellent way to proudly spread the news that your company cares about the environment its customers live, work and play in. Who knows, you might even inspire another company to go green as well.