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Graphic Design Tips for Independence Day

resources imageAs a graphic designer, you want your clients' promotional materials to pop like fireworks and resonate with their prospects. They have to outperform the competitions' materials to maximize their return on investment; which, in turn, will generate repeat business for you. The question becomes not whether or not you can design, but how to take your clients' Independence Day promotions to the next level? Here are a few Independence Day tips and tricks for graphic designers:

Be revolutionary

Many designers stick to fireworks in their clients' Independence Day promotions, but there are many other concepts you can draw from. History is a great resource for developing Fourth of July promos. A quick online search will yield hundreds of stories about the Revolutionary War and its heroes that you can incorporate into the theme of your clients' postcards, brochures, posters, flyers and other promotional materials. You don't have to stick to red, white and blue for your colors either; although they do represent patriotism and shouldn't be entirely ignored. Using your clients' company colors for a firework graphic is one idea. If you want a great firework effect without the traditional splash, you could use a multi-colored background in various shapes - just make sure you pull it off with class so it doesn't become gaudy.

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Burst with brilliance

Foil stamping is another great way to make Independence Day promos appear professional and confident. Firework splashes or a silhouette of the Statue of Liberty or Liberty Bell provide great foil stamping opportunities, especially in the form of outlines or drop shadows. Text and company logos are other examples. Subtle foil stamping often works best, but even entire logos can be foil stamped for a hot summer-time effect.

Cut it up

Get creative with your clients' Fourth of July flyer and sticker designs by having it die cut. Die-cut products grab attention quick, getting your clients' headlines extra exposure and increasing the likelihood they'll read the copy and make a purchase. While you could get a flyer die cut in the shape of traditional Independence Day shapes and icons, your clients' could benefit from a more subtle approach such as rounding one or more corners.

Promotional materials should be promotional

If possible, encourage your clients to add limited-time sales, bargains and deals to their promotional pieces to increase their response. They'll know the sale begins or ends on Independence Day and are less likely to miss the sale. Use colorful text such as "Don't miss the price explosion" or "Declare your Independence from high-priced auto insurance." Ultimately, a successful marketing campaign depends on whether your client appears to offer what prospects are looking for or whether they can convince prospects that they need their product or service. It is your job to be the messenger, so scope out your clients' competition, unleash your creativity, and make your client out to be the best. If you keep the above tips in mind, everyone will be celebrating this Independence Day.