Hang Tag Design Essentials

resources imageHang tags drive retail sales, especially when a product line needs to project a specific image or promote a special sale. Hang tag success hinges on hang tag design: Your goal is to command attention, tell your story and project your image in a split second. At a glance, your hang tags should tell your customers what they can expect from your product - trendy lifestyle, quality material, a super discount, etc. Here are some hang tag design tips you can use to craft awesome hang tags that inspire sales:

Large logos work

Your logo should be a loud and proud element in your hang tag design. In fact, it can take up an entire side. Hang tags are great for branding, especially when it comes to clothing and accessories. You want your customers to be able to view your logo just once and then associate that image with all other products that carry your hang tags.

Capture a theme

Your hang tag design should capture a theme. It could be a lifestyle (trendy, classy, social, rough 'n' tough, metro, etc.) or a perception of quality or value. Your theme could also be centered on a discount. If certain products are 50 percent off, they should all carry the same hang tags for easy customer identification. This is a similar concept to store-brand product packaging, which are designed to look cheap yet of acceptable quality to attract bargain buyers. You could also theme for status or pride - only the best for your upscale customers. Use colors, images and typesets to tell your story, but don't go overboard. Match your graphic elements to the tone: A bright rainbow flare might work for children's swimwear, while a seductive steel hue with red accents would work better for risqué lingerie. If your company or product line is already branded, stick to what works. That being said, sometimes a new brand image backed by a trusted name can help a company embrace a new generation.

Keep text simple

resources imageDon't clutter your hang tag design with a lot of text. If you need extra space to tell your story, design a folded hang tag and include this information inside. You could put additional text on the back, but many companies prefer the same design on front and back for the ultimate in branding and because you never know which direction a customer is going to approach from.

Use a template

Many hang tags have perforations for coupon and gift certificate tear-offs and holes for hanging. For an efficient, time- and money-saving hang tag design process, use a pre-formatted hang tag template that lets you easily designate where perforations and holes should be. These templates also identify bleed lines, cutlines and safety areas so you can quickly position your layout and come print-ready in the right color mode (CMYK) and resolution (at least 300 dpi). To attract more attention, go with an attention-getting horizontal design instead of the traditional vertical layout. Remember that hang tags have to do three things, all at once: grab attention, tell a story and project an image. This is your challenge as a hang tag designer. The hang tag design tips listed here are a good start. Now, let your creativity inspire!