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How Can I Get Cheap Invitation Cards?

resources imageYou've got a big event but a small budget - many have been in the same dilemma. Cheap invitation cards to the rescue! How to get the word out about a big birthday bash, a graduation party, a church confirmation, a newborn baby, a wedding, a grand opening or any other special occasion without breaking the bank isn't as hard as it looks. In fact, you can order cheap invitation cards and have them delivered to your door (or even mailed to your recipients) in a matter of days with little effort and minimal investment. Here's how to get cheap invitation cards.

Design your invitation cards yourself

The first thing you can do to drive down the cost of cheap invitation cards is to create the design yourself. You don't have to be a professional graphic designer to do it, either. Just download a free invitation card template and use it as a guideline for Microsoft Word or Open Office. Make sure your sizes and resolution match the template, and that your design is well within the safety area and cut line, and that your background colors extend to the bleed line (directions are on the template), and you'll be good to go. You can also download pre-made invitation card templates for a variety of programs. All you have to do is change the text or add images if you'd like. Alternatively, you can see if a local college has any design or art school students who would be willing to design your invitation cards for free in exchange for the portfolio boost.

Print your invitation cards wisely

resources imageIt's easy to assume that printing your invitation cards on your desktop printer at home or in the office is the cheapest option; but in fact, professional printing prices are more appealing when you choose the right online invitation card printing company. Considering that 200 store-bought desktop printer invitations and envelopes plus the ink cartridges you'll need to print them easily costs more than $200, the similar price tag of professional invitation card printing just makes sense. For one thing, professional printing means you'll get high-quality finished pieces. For another, there are no hassles or headaches with paper jams and ink streaks, constant monitoring, having to fold your invitation cards or putting them all through again to print both sides (as if you're printing 400 sheets). For about the same price as store-bought supplies, you can skip the frustration and get cheap invitation cards that are 16-point, full-color on both sides and folded for you with matching envelopes and delivered to your door. For a little more, you could also add UV coating a foil stamp, enlarge your invitation card size, or even have your invitation cards mailed for you. As you can see, cheap invitation cards are not hard to come by. Depending on the number of guests you plan to invite, you can get great-looking, professional invitation cards on the cheap.