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How to Get Cheap Banners That Last for Years

You undoubtedly know that vinyl banners pack a powerful marketing punch that vastly increases brand awareness and spurs untold revenues. You might also know that printing vinyl banners represents an enormous return on investment - especially if you know how to get cheap banners that last for years. resources imageEven though it is obvious that the cheaper you print your banner coupled with an extended usable life maximizes your return on investment, it can be tricky to find the perfect balance between banner investment and longevity. Print on cheap materials, and you'll be lucky if your banner lasts more than a few weeks; spend too much, and your returns will be paltry in comparison to what you might have earned. But when you can print on the perfectly durable banner material at an affordable price, you have a match made in marketing heaven.


First and foremost, start with your banner design. If you do not do the design work yourself but hesitate to hire a graphic designer at professional rates, you can start by downloading a free layout template that will save file setup time - and therefore money. Once you have your template in-hand, seek out ways to get professional-quality graphic design on the cheap. Great places to look are local community colleges that have design students eager to build their portfolios. In many cases, you can get a premium design for pennies on the dollar - or even free - simply by getting in touch with local college instructors. For banner longevity, 3M solvent-based UV-cured inks are fade resistant for years of reuse, making banner printing easy on the budget and excellent for long-term return on investment.


resources imageOnce you have your design it's time to focus on your banner printing technique. Start by choosing a durable banner material well-suited for your use. A 13-ounce white vinyl with matte finish is an excellent choice for indoor and cold weather use, while a 9-ounce white vinyl mesh with rugged finish is best suited for either indoor or outdoor use where harsh weather conditions will pelt your banner. This is because mesh banners have small holes that allow wind to pass through without tearing, and they can also be seen through from the back so they're perfect for outdoor stage situations (such as concerts). You'll also want to choose a bright, vivid ink so your banners can be seen from afar. Today's soy inks are more vibrant than traditional petroleum inks and won't cost a penny more, so double-check that your printing company uses soy inks on their banners. Even better, soy inks are eco-friendly since they do not emit volatile organic compounds into the environment as petroleum inks do. Thus, you can promote your company's green agenda by going green with your banner printing - all while producing a premium quality banner that doesn't cost a dime extra to print.


So, how much does it cost to print a vinyl banner with premium materials such as these? Cheap - depending on your chosen material, you're looking at around $180 to $220 per banner - and even cheaper if you order in quantity (since volume printing lends discounts). Given that you might use your banner 10 times annually for 10 years - that's 100 uses - you're getting to brand your company for under $2 a pop. Now, that's cheap banner printing!