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How to Make Flyers That Captivate

How to Make Flyers That Captivate

It's no secret that flyer marketing can be a huge boon for your business, but some flyers definitely leave something to be desired. Intelligent distribution and a great offer are critical to success, but your prospects won't even get that far if you can't captivate attention from the start. That's why a strong, compelling headline and dazzling design are so vital to successful flyer marketing. Certain design devices can command attention immediately. Here are some examples of such devices you can employ to make flyers that captivate.

Shock and awe

A great device for capturing attention and imaginations is to make flyers that incorporate a shocking design. Perhaps no organization has been better at this technique than PETA, and you can run a search for PETA flyers to see the types of shocking – yet poignant – designs the organization has deployed. But PETA doesn't just distribute flyers for the purpose of being shocking. The organization does this to make a point, and a powerful one at that. Similarly, it is important to keep in mind that your design must have relevance to how your product, service, or nonprofit will benefit your customer or donor/volunteer in order for it to be successful.

Tickle funny bones

You can make humorous flyers that practically guarantee your company will get noticed. Research your target audience before you go this route to get a solid idea for what your customers will find funny. You don't want to come across as crude or rude to your customers, nor do you want to risk appearing lame. It has been said that comedy is the most difficult of all the arts, and so you should definitely test your funny flyers before full deployment. Again, it is imperative that your humor have relevance to your product's benefit to customers.

Demonstrate the benefit

You can print flyers that are successful without pushing the envelope with a very simple technique: demonstrate the benefit to using your products or services. Depict a member of your target audience – someone who fits a profile your customers will identify with – enjoying the major benefit you offer. Your customers will imagine themselves enjoying that same benefit and will be motivated to learn more.

Contrast with the environment

If you know where your flyers will be distributed (and you should), you can make a flyer design that contrasts against its background and stands out to grab attention. A bright, fluorescent flyer will stand out well against a dark wall. Or, you can be creative and make your flyer look like a window where it should not be – perhaps low to the ground or on an otherwise windowless object. Be creative, think outside the box, and you can come up with an idea that is just odd enough to captivate your audience.