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How to Save Money on Specialty Paper Stock

How to Save Money on Specialty Paper Stock

Specialty paper stock is excellent for printing marketing communications because it demonstrates to customers that you are different, bold and creative. Many companies shy away from printing on specialty paper stock because they find it to be cost prohibitive; and in many cases they are correct. However, you can employ specialty paper stock as part of your overall marketing strategy by buying smart – and that comes down to knowing where to buy your specialty paper stock.

Choose a printing company

Not all printing companies are created equal. Some apply huge markups to specialty paper stock in order to turn a profit. However, some companies apply a modest markup – enough to cover the extra expense of purchasing the paper stock themselves – and turn profits from their services. To get the best deals on specialty paper stock, you should choose a printing company capable of printing high-quality materials without the enormous markup. Before you decide to print with any specialty paper stock, it is a good idea to understand how it can help your business. Premium print marketing materials make a powerful impression on potential customers. If you have a thick, crisp, glossy sales sheet it makes your company look solid, trustworthy, credible and bold. If you have a matte business card, it enhances your image as a creative firm capable of untold innovations.

White wove or synergy bond paper

Similarly, letterhead printed on white wove or synergy bond paper feels comfortable and soothing – and professional – in your prospects' hands; which in turn makes them feel comfortable doing business with you. Think about it: everything else being equal, would you choose a company whose sales letter was printed on regular computer printer paper or one that has a thick texture to it and a bright white gleam? The ability to print on premium paper is a signature of a successful company, and customers recognize this. They know that if you can afford to print on specialty paper stock, then your firm must be successful. They also understand that if you are successful, you must be delivering as promised and have a steady stream of satisfied customers. This puts new prospects at ease; they trust that you will come through for them.

Use professional paper stock

In a world where anyone can pull a pro graphic off the Internet and place it on a sheet of computer paper, specialty paper stock set the real contenders apart from the wannabes. You can have your marketing materials printed on professional paper stock to lend your firm the image that it is at the top of your industry, the go-to company with the solutions for your target audience. And you can do it without spending a small fortune. If you're serious about success, it's in your best interest to print premium marketing materials on specialty paper. It is not in your best interest to spend more than you have to for it. With the right printing company, you can look like a million bucks without spending it – and that can be our little secret.