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How to Turn Business Holiday Cards into Powerful Sales Tools

How to Turn Business Holiday Cards into Powerful Sales Tools

Business holiday cards are perfect ways to express sentiments of gratitude to your customers around holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, New Year's, Independence Day, Easter and many other special celebrations. But did you know you can turn business holiday cards into powerful sales tools when you incorporate the right tact and technique? The following details how to turn business holiday cards into sales tools.

Personal relationships and gratitude equal sales

When it comes to business holiday cards, printing a unique design your customers will appreciate for having relevance to them and your business is paramount. And when you include a personalized message – even handwritten, with individualized sentiments – your customers will appreciate how much you care. Expressing real gratitude for knowing your customers, and not just for their willingness to buy from you, goes a long way toward establishing personal relationships. And personal relationships leads to unparalleled customer loyalty and ultimately excellent sales. Often, just sending a personalized business holiday card is enough to build these bridges and create a mutually-rewarding relationship.

Try sending to non-customers

This is a tactic few businesses employ but can be highly effective. Try sending business holiday cards to non-customers. Wish them happy holidays and do not include a big sales pitch. Instead, invite them to learn more about you and tell them you'd love to learn more about them to see if you can help them in any way in the upcoming year. Get a mailing list filled with individuals who match the demographics of your best customers to send your business holiday cards to.

Free gifts and discounts

You can package your business holiday cards with free gifts or gift vouchers and discount coupons or coupon codes. Your gifts and coupons could be good for your products and services – in fact, most would say that they should only be for your products and services. However, you can also take the opportunity to build relationships by individualizing gifts based on what customers like, which will ultimately lead to many more sales than a single coupon. Let's say, for example, you have a customer who loves to golf. You might include a voucher for a free round of golf at the hottest course in town, even if your business is wholly unrelated to golf. Place a personalized note demonstrating that you really know your customer (and obviously listen to him), and send it in a business holiday card. The lifetime loyalty you'll get from being so in tune with your customer – and giving him something he really wants and likes – will far outweigh the benefit of a single sale.


Many families hang their holiday cards in prominent places, so you want your design to be top notch so it gets showcased as a highlight among the other cards. It could become a conversation piece so your customers' family and friends see it – and your brand. Create a custom design, relevant to your business and your customers as well as the holiday in question, and print in on premium materials for the best look and feel possible. All this lends a great impression of your business and could lead to the best marketing of all: word of mouth advertising.

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