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Custom ID Badge Printing Tips

Custom ID badges are more than simple identifiers - they brand companies and events, boost staff morale, and can ultimately lead to increased sales. Before you settle for drab black and white ID badges, consider the following custom ID badge printing tips.

Have them die cut

resources imageOne of the easiest ways to make your staff members or event attendees stand out is to have your ID badges die cut in a shape that is unique to your company or event. A simple circle or triangle die cut will often do, but you can get more creative with a cut out of your logo, a well-recognized symbol (such as a dog bone for a pet supply store employee ID), or even in the silhouette of a person. Whether you're going to have your custom ID badges die cut or not, it's a good idea to get a print layout template before you begin your design. This is because such templates come pre-formatted in the correct shape, size, color mode and resolution; and they additionally include helpful guidelines so you know how to position your design for a streamlined printing process. You can get free templates for many shapes from a die-cut library, or have your die-cut template custom made just for you.

Consider a foil stamp

Another creative way to use shapes in your custom ID badges is to employ foil stamping. A foil stamp can add elegance by outlining text and shapes, or it can brighten up your ID badges by filling your text and shapes. Many creative professionals like foil stamps because they capture attention quickly, so they not only dress up your ID badge design they make it easier for event patrons to identify staff members and for you to brand your company.

Choose thick, laminated paperresources image

The last thing you want is for your ID badges to quickly wear and tear, so have them printed on premium 100-pound thick gloss cover paper stock and add a layer of water-resistant 7.0 mill lamination for extra durability. You should also consider having grommets installed at the top of your custom ID badges to eliminate tearing from lanyard strung through them.

Get a lanyard

If you're printing custom ID badges, you'll need a way to hang them from your attendees' or staff members' necks. Before you order, double check to see if your printing company includes lanyards with ID badge printing; if they do not, keep in mind you'll have that extra cost to incur.

Get a hardcopy proof

Since ID badges are often used, in part, as branding mechanisms, you should always get a hardcopy proof before you approve the final print run. Electronic proofs are convenient, but for truly accurate color matching you'll need a hardcopy proof. When you receive your proof, take extra care to double check your text for spelling and grammar errors, your layout to ensure your graphic elements and text are properly positioned, and for overall cohesiveness.