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It's Never Too Early to Plan Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Holiday Marketing Strategy

When do you start planning your end-of-year holiday marketing strategy? Many small businesses don't consider holiday marketing until October – and some even after, as they're busy with Halloween. However, the earlier you start planning your holiday marketing strategy, the better chance you stand of achieving great success. If you start planning midyear, you can position yourself to out-do your competitors when it comes to holiday sales. The following details reasons why it's never too early to plan your holiday marketing strategy.

Time to fully develop creative ideas

When small businesses catch themselves with little time left to plan their holiday marketing strategies, they tend to quickly develop and deploy generic campaigns. Such campaigns can be successful, yes, but not overwhelmingly so. Creative campaign planning – the kind that yields huge rewards – requires time, and when you have it you can brainstorm creative new ways that inspire customers to purchase from you.

Slow investment

One of the biggest obstacles many small businesses face is a tight marketing budget. Putting money into a well-rounded marketing campaign at the last minute isn't always feasible, even when that investment expects a return, when you have cash flow to manage. But when you start planning your holiday marketing strategy early you can invest slowly over time, preparing your designs and printing ahead of time so your campaign is paid in full and ready to launch when the holiday season arrives.

Time to proof

Having extra time doesn't only free up time and creativity, it allows you time to proof your marketing designs and printing so you can rest assured there are no typos or other errors. The perfect campaign requires proofing, and when you have time to spare you won't have to rush through proofs at the last minute and risk making errors that could embarrass you – or even cost you money.

style="font-size: 0.961em;">Save money, make money

When you have plenty of time to launch your campaign, you can latch on to printing deals as they come up. PsPrint routinely offers up to 60 percent off of postcards, brochures, posters and other marketing materials. When you routinely check for printing deals, you can find the best deal of the year and save tons of money on your marketing campaign – leaving room for an elevated return on investment and profits.

style="font-size: 0.961em;">Relax!

Finally, when your holiday marketing strategy is fully in place ahead of time you can launch it and simply sit back and relax, confident knowing you can expect a good return. This frees time for small business owners to enjoy the holidays – turning a profit all the while.