Unique Thanksgiving Design Ideas

resources imageIf you want to gobble up the competition this Thanksgiving, you'll need some striking design techniques to get attention fast and hold it through Black Friday - the biggest shopping day of the year in the United States. Thanksgiving marketing is as much about Christmas and other end-of-year holidays as it is about Thanksgiving, so you'll literally have to think ahead to stuff your competitors and plant a seed for year-end profits.

Forget about Thanksgiving

Turkeys, pilgrims, Squanto, the Mayflower, cornucopias and the like are all design fodder for the competition - you'll literally see thousands if not millions of variations of these themes competing for your customers this Thanksgiving. Unless you're selling turkey basters or something else specific to the Thanksgiving holiday, let your competitors fall into this trap since they'll be decidedly unremarkable. This presents a huge window of opportunity for you to be different, and thus attract attention.

Study your Thanksgiving history

Sometimes the most remarkable postcard designs, brochures, banners and advertisements draw on obscure history. If you can theme your design around a stirring historical event or detail that many do not know, you can come up with some striking and poignant imagery that grabs attention and elicits emotion. For example, did you know that the lady who wrote "Mary Had A Little Lamb" is largely responsible for the ]]>holiday's celebration]]> today?

Draw for Christmas

Christmas is just one month out, so disguise your Thanksgiving Day designs as Christmas designs to get a head start on the holiday shopping, which officially begins the day after Thanksgiving. Just like you should avoid turkeys and pilgrims at Thanksgiving, if you want to be unique you should avoid evergreens and reindeer. Instead, focus on your product benefits and sales - highlight these elements through your designs, and you'll be well on your way to a winning campaign.

Be a turkey

resources image

If you must design something with a traditional Thanksgiving theme, be a turkey and apply some off-the-wall creativity to have an immediate and lasting influence. Maybe a die-cut turkey gobbler hanging from your brochure or a postcard with a turkey in your company's colors would be just the ticket. If you want to go really nuts, you could try combining your design and your offer in a unique way. An oversized flyer with a cut-out foldable pilgrim hat might stir up business, especially if you require that the hat be worn into your place of business to redeem an amazing can't-refuse offer. At the very least, such an idea would generate plenty of conversation and potentially some free press! No matter what off-the-wall Thanksgiving graphic design you choose to draw, make sure your basic direct marketing tents apply to the printed piece. You should have a great offer, compelling call to action and an excellent mailing list comprised of your target audience. Always print your Thanksgiving postcards and other direct marketing materials on high-quality papers from an established online printing company such as PsPrint for best results and the highest return on investment.