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Make Your Own Party Invitations Quick and Easy

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Party invitations are the best way to spread the word about your big celebration. Whether you're hosting a birthday party, holiday party, company party or any other type of party, you'll need to send party invitations to your guest list with enough time for guests to make plans to attend. But instead of thinking of party invitations as just another task that needs to be completed before your party, consider them an opportunity to take a break from preparations and to have a bit of fun. This is where custom party invitations come in; they allow you to customize your party invitations to fit your specific celebration. Best of all, you can make your own party invitations quick and easy when you follow the tips detailed below.

Party invitation design

Start by downloading a free party invitation layout template, which is pre-formatted in the correct size, color mode and resolution for perfect printing. Invitation templates also have helpful guidelines so you can properly position your design. Open your party invitation templates in your favorite graphic design software and create any design you'd like. If you're a skilled illustrator or good with a program such as Photoshop, the sky's the limit. If you're an amateur designer or have little to no design skills at all, you can use a favorite photo as the basis for your invitation design. Simply scan a photo in or load a digital photo stored on your computer and overlay it with text. Your party invitations should include important information such as the name, date, time and location of your celebration. Be sure to include directions and/or a map if not all of your guests have been there before. Also include any special instructions; for example, you might want to tell guests to bring their own beverages, their own lawn chairs or a covered dish for the party.

Party invitation printing

Once you've developed your party invitation design, it's time to choose your printing options. Never settle for desktop printing, especially when professional printing can be had for a comparable price with better quality but without the hassle. Super-thick 16-point gloss cover stock or 13-point recycled matte cover stock are your best options. The former has a bright glossy sheen that will make your design pop, while the latter has a deep sheen that will add richness to your design. You can print party invitations on one side or both sides, and you can choose to have your glossy coating applied to both sides (C2S), or just the front (C1S). C1S allows you to write on the back with a pen.

Party invitation mailing

You can have your party invitations printed and then shipped to you, or you can save time and hassle by having your online printing company mail your party invitations for you. All you have to do is supply the mailing list, and your printing company will use its indicia to send your invitations cards bulk mail, which can save you money in mailing.