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Top 5 Ways to Market Yourself with Business Cards

resources imageBusiness cards are an extension of your business. They're often the only token of who you are and what you do that your prospects keep on hand. That's why you need to make the most of the little space afforded by your business card to keep existing clients coming back and new customers rolling through the doors. Here are the top 5 ways to market yourself with business cards:

1. Explain what you do

Be clear about the products and services you offer. The more detail you offer on your business card, the more likely you'll resonate with a niche market, which is a great source for long-term business. What do you specialize in, or what is the primary focus of your business? A marketing consultant, for instance, might want to emphasize that he or she specializes in developing high-conversion e-mail auto responder campaigns rather than simply say they are a marketing consultant.

2. Explain the benefits

Your business card needs to tell prospects why they should choose you and your company. What do you do better than your competitors? If you offer the best prices, the most reliable product, the best support or have won industry awards, let them know!

3. Offer something for free

Depending on the nature of your business, you can offer a free no-obligation consultation, a coupon or discount, or other giveaway to entice prospects to take the first step in the purchasing process. You could use the back of your business card, or develop a folded business card, so you have space to do this. Whatever you offer, make sure it's valuable enough for your target audience to take action.

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4. Smile and show it

Include a photo on your business card and make sure you're grinning in it. Happy people exude wealth and confidence, which are two elements that will lead prospects to believe that your business is good enough for you to feel this way. This isn't to say that you should come off as arrogant or condescending; only that you should appear naturally amicable. This will also help prospects feel comfortable in trusting you to handle their account.

5. Design for success

All too often, small businesses will hold off on professional business cards until they've achieved a modicum of success. This is a poor move because everyone who sees your business card will make a judgment on your company based on your business card's appearance. Professional business card design and printing are inexpensive, and are necessary if you want to maximize your marketing efforts with business cards.