Unique Mother's Day Design Ideas

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How do convey a sense of maternal appreciation in your Mother's Day marketing campaign without copying every other "I love you, Mom" on the planet? By incorporating a unique perspective to your Mother's Day designs! Here are some unique Mother's Day design ideas you can use as inspiration to come up with your own eye-catching graphic designs this May.

Animals have mothers, too

Depict animals in your Mother's Day designs to captivate your audience, especially if you can come up with something obscure yet relevant to your business. A mother dog with her puppies or cat with her kittens are cute, but a mother shark with her pups or a duck-billed platypus with her eggs. Imagine printing a large-format vinyl banner with a platypus that touts your diversity!


The path from childhood to adulthood is filled with obstacles, and mothers work to help their children overcome these obstacles. You can use this pathway as a central theme in your Mother's Day designs. The natural world has many captivating pathways - through the rainforest, the Antarctic, the Northwest Passage - that you can use as inspiration to represent the concept of the human pathway. What tools does one need to get from A to B? Perhaps this is where mothers fit in to the design.

Market to sub-segments

Mothers are as diverse as any other cross section of the population. Some like to cook, some like to go rock climbing - and some like to do both. Work with your clients to identify their target audience in as specific terms as possible. Are there any hobbies or professions universally shared by your audience? If so, you can create Mother's Day designs to meet the needs of these niches. The more targeted your campaign - and design - the more money you'll make.


For a humorous slant, design cards that are apologetic to those mothers who had to deal with wily children. A super-quiet vacuum cleaner might be placed on a poster with the copy: "Mom, sorry for all of those years I tore around the house screaming at the top of my lungs. To make it up to you, I'm giving you something you always wanted - peace and quiet."

Cut 'n' sparkle

One of the easiest - and most cost-effective - ways to make your Mother's Day brochures, flyers and other designs stand out is to have them die cut or foil stamped. A flyer in the shape of family silhouettes, a heart, or a sought-after gift might just get that initial, elongated look you need to turn curious into customer; while an elegant foil stamp can lend prestige and a sense of matriarchal royalty to your Mother's Day designs. No matter what medium your Mother's Day designs are intended for make sure you print professional-grade brochures, postcards, catalogs, flyers and banners. Cheap, shoddy-looking printed materials make your company look cheap and shoddy as well; but clean, high-quality materials make your designs pop of the page and promote profit.