Motivational RSVP Card Wording

Motivational RSVP Card Wording

Sending RSVP cards is always a challenge because so many people today do not bother to RSVP for events. That's why RSVP card wording is so important. With the right technique you can easily motivate the majority of your recipients to RSVP whether or not they will be attending your celebration or event. Thus, you can adequately prepare for the proper number of guests and take the headache out of planning. Motivational RSVP card wording takes a cue from the strategies employed by today's hottest copywriters, and therefore you only need to know a few basic tenets of great copywriting in order to pen RSVP card wording that achieves a good response rate.

Lead off with a powerful headline

Your RSVP card wording should begin with a powerful, attention-getting headline. After all, your guests can't RSVP if they don't know you're hosting an event – and they won't know you're hosting an event if you can't get their attention. “Toby Is Graduating! And We Need YOUR Help To Celebrate!”

Think about the benefits to the guest

Of course if you're hosting a graduation party or other celebration the focus is on the celebrant – but that doesn't mean that you can’t entice guests to come with a hint of all the fun stuff you'll be doing. List the kinds of activities you'll have: food, drink, volleyball, a campfire, roasting marshmallows, swimming, games and other great stuff. If it sounds like your party will be a great time, your guests will want to attend.

Include a time-limited call to action

One of the biggest problems faced by casual party hosts is not knowing how much food to prepare. And when guests don't RSVP you risk either wasting money by preparing too much food or running out because far more guests than you anticipated showed up. One of the best ways to combat this is crucial to your motivational RSVP card wording: a time-limited call to action.

You can personalize your call to action if you're primarily sending invitations to family and friends, as with our graduation example. Since you're not a stranger, these guests respect you and your time, so they will be more responsive to your plea for a heads-up. Thus, your time-limited call to action might read something like this: “Please RSVP by May 10, so I can be sure to prepare enough food for everyone. I want to make sure everyone has a great time celebrating Toby's graduation, so it will be a huge favor to me if you take a few seconds to RSVP by calling me at 555-555-5555. Thanks so much for your help!”

Don't forget special instructions

If guests are to bring their own beverages, a game to play, a change of clothes or a swimsuit, it's best to let them know on the RSVP card. You can include a quick PS under your call to action with any helpful hints such as directions, a map or anything else they might need to know. And, of course, make sure the date, time and location of your celebration is clearly listed!