Online Printing Trends

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The advent of online printing has marked a revolution in the availability of affordable, quality printing for all businesses, small and large. Not only can the average customer now access great printing, he or she can make informed decisions on what printing options they'd like and compare pricing in real-time. The following are some online printing trends that many businesses and individuals are taking advantage of to streamline their marketing campaigns and boost their return on investment.


Printing can be a confusing subject, even more so when a salesman throws a lot of industry jargon at you. Now you can educate yourself through resources such as PsPrint, an online printer that has a fully developed learning center so you can make smart printing choices. Not sure if you should go with gloss or matte on your next brochure? How about binding: saddle-stitch or Wire-O? You can find the answers to these questions and more with these robust online resources.

Real-time pricing

Gone are the days when businesses would wait hours, days or even weeks to get a quote from their printer. Now, you can log on, choose your product, pick your options and watch the price update instantly. This is a powerful tool for fast-paced businesses with demanding deadlines.

Quality and fast turnaround

resources imageOnline printing has made it possible for customers to have their marketing materials printed on state-of-the-art presses that use the highest quality inks and papers and feature a tremendous turnaround time. Some online printers such as PsPrint even offer same-day printing and expedited shipping options so you're sure to meet your deadlines. Large corporations have always been able to afford high-quality printing. They have wide distribution, so these companies print in volume and get great per-piece pricing. Unfortunately, small businesses have traditionally had to pay higher prices for their printing, because they often only need short runs. Today's online digital printing, however, has made short-run printing affordable for small businesses, so they can now compete with the big boys without paying excessive fees.

Mail management

Direct-mail marketing campaigns go hand-in-hand with printing, especially since many printers also have a mail house that handles bulk mailing. With resources such as PsPrint's mailing list maker, you can even get help finding a targeted audience that's likely to want what you're selling.

Printing brokers

Printing brokers have been around for a long time, and for good reason — they can help customers make economical decisions and have the resources to get even the most demanding jobs completed. Online printing companies such as PsPrint have made it easier than ever for printing brokers to conduct their business through reseller services, discounts and other beneficial tools. With all of these advantages, it's easy to see why so many companies are skipping the local print shop and handling their own printing and mailing online. Everything that professionals utilize is at your fingertips in the online printing environment, so conducting a little research today and ordering wisely can help you make big money tomorrow.