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Outdoor Vinyl Banners That Stand Up to the Weather

resources imageEvery marketer and small business owner knows that vinyl banners are powerful marketing tools that can simultaneously brand your company and deliver a direct response. Outdoor vinyl banners are particularly useful when draped over the sides of buildings, suspended from streets, or hung from stages at concerts and other venues. When printing and ordering outdoor vinyl banners, it behooves you to keep your ultimate return on investment in mind. You can order cheap materials that do not last, or you can maximize your return on investment by printing outdoor vinyl banners that stand up to the weather.

9-ounce vinyl mesh

Not all vinyl banner material is created equal, so it pays to know which materials perform best in certain weather conditions so your banner has longevity. For most outdoor applications, 9-ounce vinyl mesh is the best material. The vinyl composition stands up to the rain and is constructed with thousands of small holes that allow wind to pass through, so that your banner won't easily tear in moderate winds. The holes have an added benefit for concert venues in that those behind them can see through the banner - so vinyl mesh is perfect for stage use.

13-ounce white vinyl

resources imageAnother type of vinyl banner material that works well for outdoor applications is 13-ounce white vinyl. These banners do not have holes that decrease wind resistance, so they're not well-suited for windy conditions; however, they are great for sunny days and even cold weather conditions as their composition resists brittling in extreme temperatures.

Soy-based inks

Once you've decided which type of banner material will work best for your use (you might need both if you advertise outdoors year-round), turn your attention to the type of ink used for printing. Your banner ink should be fade-resistant so that your banner colors remain crisp and bright regardless of the weather: rain or shine, wind or snow. Soy-based inks are especially vibrant and long lasting, since they're derived from natural resources. They are also kind to the environment since they're eco-friendly, not only on paper but in the print shop: no volatile organic compounds are released into the environment when you print with soy inks.

Finish line

Finally, you need to decide how your outdoor vinyl banners will be finished for hanging. Hems and grommets work well for outdoor applications because hems are doubled over to add a double layer of vinyl strength for your grommets. If you choose a hem and grommet finish make sure that your ties are strong enough to hold your banner in place without becoming loose - winds whipping a stray corner can damage your banner. Another finishing option is pole pockets, which can be placed on the top and bottom or left and right of your banner. These are essentially folded over and sewn so you can insert poles into them. No matter which type of banner finishing you choose, make sure you hang your outdoor banners so they're taught since loose banners can be easily whipped by the wind.