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Personalized Business Stickers Boost Sales Leads

Personalized business stickers make it easier to get sales leads in a variety of ways. Here we'll explore how you can use personalized business stickers to boost your qualified lead rate and ultimately earn more sales from your marketing efforts.


resources imageFirst and foremost, personalized business stickers increase exposure for your business because they can be affixed in a variety of places. You can display them on filing cabinets, desks, computer towers, laptops, MP3 players, helmets, bicycles, vehicles, boats, windows, floors, walls, calendars, calculators, clipboards and any number of places your target audience will see them.

Personal touch

When you personalize business stickers with your name, number and image, it adds a personal touch that helps your customers feel like they're doing business with a person who cares - you - instead of some automated service that's only interested in taking their money. Marketers know that customers are often loyal to a particular person rather than the company that person works for, so printing personalized business stickers is a great way to capitalize on this loyalty and build long-term and mutually rewarding business relationships with your clients.

Adding value

Your personalized business stickers can add value to your service by offering special VIP treatment. Since your customers "in" with you, they might enjoy an automatic 10 percent discount, a special free add-on whenever they buy, an accumulation of program points, a chance to win a prize, or some other honorable incentive that helps them appreciate you. Another way to add value is to include a helpful and relevant conversion chart, graph, calendar or other data that your customers can use in their everyday lives. This technique demonstrates that you "get" your customers, and thus they'll be more likely to want to do business with you. Even better, when your customers trust you they'll be more likely to pass your name on to new leads.

resources imageUnconventional distribution

Filing cabinets and vehicle wraps aren't the only good places to display your personalized business stickers. In fact, the more surprising the placement, the more memorable your name and face will be to potential leads. Restroom stalls, ceilings, product packaging and a whole host of other creative distribution techniques can lead to more sales than you probably are willing to believe.

The flipside

You can also personalize business stickers exclusively for your customers. Many companies give out personalized mailing labels free for customer use - along with their branded image or URL. With a bit of creative brainstorming, you can certainly come up with a great way to personalize stickers just for your customers, which will undoubtedly encourage leads to contact you. The more you can get your name out there, the more useful your personalized stickers, the more leads you'll earn and ultimately the more sales you'll land.