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Three Powerful Invitation Printing Techniques

Invitation printing can be a valuable marketing tool when you apply the right techniques to captivate attention and motivate response. Whether you're inviting prospects to attend an event such as a seminar or conference, or to come to your store or website for a special discount sale or publicity event, invitation printing is the best way to entice potential customers to be on-hand and ultimately spend money on your products and services. The following three techniques are powerful ways you can enhance your invitation printing to increase response rates and profits.

1. Print oversized invitation

resources image Average 5-inch by 7-inch invitations can slip through your prospects' minds as easily as they slip through the mail slots. While the average invitation can be a good marketing tool, you can add power to your campaign and practically guarantee your invitations will be noticed if you print them oversized. Imagine a 13-inch by 17-inch coming through your mail - wouldn't you be compelled to see what's inside? Your customers will, too.

2. Foil stamped invitation printing

Marketers have long known that foil stamps add a touch of class and credibility to marketing materials. Invitation printing is no different: When you include a foil stamp, you will get noticed and your pitch will be taken more seriously. You can use foil stamps in various forms - as official seals, highlighting outlines or just about any shape - to make your offer appear more prestigious and your company elegant or even more fun. Try a custom foil stamp shape to immediately turn heads; or, have your lettering foil stamped. You could also have the entire front of your invitations foil stamped for a shiny sheen that can't be ignored.

3. Print invitations on writable paper

resources imageIt's no secret that personalizing your invitations makes your customers feel valued and increases response rates - and there is no better way to personalize your invitations than to include a hand-written note. Have your invitations printed on thick 16-point gloss cover stock. This way, you can print elegant invitation designs on the outside and handwrite a personal message on the inside. This technique alone will make your customers feel that they are important to you, and it will make you more important to them. It will help build business relationships, foster customer loyalty and ultimately increase profits. Invitation printing is powerful, especially when you incorporate the aforementioned techniques. You also need to ensure that you follow other direct-mail marketing basics such as highlighting your features and benefits, leading with a compelling headline, promoting an astounding offer, and including a clear and simple call to action. Add in the tips you've learned here, and you'll have incredibly powerful marketing pieces that help you grow your business and establish a long-term customers base for profits now and in the future.