How to Print Viral Stickers

Stickers are only good when they're used, so your printed stickers should have enough poignancy and influence to wow your audience enough to affix them places where others will see them. This is viral marketing - when your message delivery is so good others spread it for you. Truly viral stickers can be a challenge to design, but with a bit of common sense and creativity you can deliver a compelling message by printing stickers everyone wants.

Speak directly to your audience

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Viral spread depends on relevancy and appreciation, so your stickers must speak directly to your audience in an endearing way. Find out what your audience is passionate about - so passionate that they want to share their views or affiliations with the world. If you're selling chaps to hardcore Harley-Davidson owners, create a sticker brimming with attitude and American pride if you want to stand a chance of making it on their motorcycles. When it comes to stickers, your main message should speak to your audience. Your secondary message should brand you. If you can combine the two into one, all the better.

Use established concepts

If you can't come up with an inspiring idea, draw on proven concepts with established popularity. A good example is the smiley face, that grinning (or frowning/glowering/laughing/kissing/whatever) orb that has graced millions of promotional items worldwide. See if you can apply a branded spin to the established concept for a unique design your audience will want. Smiley face on a motorcycle, anyone?

Die-cut stickers to fit custom equipment

resources imageA custom die-cut sticker meant to fit special equipment can demonstrate that you live in your customers' world, thus strengthening your connection to your audience. Again using our motorcyclist example, you could have custom die-cut stickers made for helmets, mirrors, gas caps, frames, saddle bags/boxes, seat backs and other motorcycle-related items.

Print for aesthetics and longevity

Nobody wants a cheap-looking sticker (even if they are cheap to print), and a sticker that fades after a week is useless. Print your stickers on high-grade white vinyl sticker paper with a matte finish and a crack-and-peel backing. The finish reflects rich color, the paper resists weather damage, and the crack-and-peel backing makes it easy for your customers to use your stickers. Check custom sticker printing prices at PsPrint. For a sticker to be viral, it must be appealing to a passionate audience that wants to share a common message. Be creative, break the mold, and brainstorm your way to a viral sticker that puts your brand in the spotlight.