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Printing Booklets to Encourage Direct Sales

One of the biggest challenges any business faces is establishing authority within a niche industry. Simply telling customers that you are the authority isn't likely to do it; consumers are savvy and they can see through the fluff. A better way than telling customers you're an authority is to show them how your knowledge, products, services and experience can help them solve a problem or make life better. And printing booklets is one of the best ways to not only establish authority, but also to encourage direct sales.

Printing on-topic booklets

resources imageThe key to branding your company and yielding direct sales through booklets is to publishing something of value to your particular audience. With a bit of brainstorming you can easily list topics that your customers will find interesting, and then lay an outline for writing a booklet that satisfies their curiosity. A pet grooming supply company, for example, might publish booklets on how to groom specific breeds of dogs. A booklet titled "The Ultimate Beauty: How to Groom French Poodles" might detail expert techniques, complete with tips, tricks and photos for making French poodles beautiful. The booklet would be primed to be a bit hit with poodle owners. Microsoft once published a booklet about search advertising and distributed it to small business owners nationwide. This was a perfect way to introduce potential customers to Microsoft's ad network. This demonstrates that no matter what industry you're in, you can develop a booklet that is interesting to your customers. And an authoritative booklet establishes your credibility in your field, helping you to quickly become a trusted brand name when it comes to the products that serve your industry.

Getting direct sales from booklet printing

resources imageDistributing information and branding your company aren't the only goals of your booklet printing campaign. You also want to encourage direct sales. To do this you should intersperse your booklet with product and service showcases, highlight team members in boxes, and include value-added coupons/coupon codes and/or VIP passes on your pages. This isn't to say your entire booklet should be a sales pitch - again, your customers will see right through it, so be careful not to insult their intelligences. But you can certainly showcase what you do and how you can help them achieve the goal they're vying for by reading the booklet. In our pet grooming supply example, one might learn that honey is good for a French poodle's coat. On the same page a box might highlight a HoneyCoat Conditioner infused with real honey that is sold by the company. At the end of the booklet there might be a perforated coupon with an exclusive 30 percent discount for booklet readers that good for 60 days. This is how you can create desire, demonstrate that you have the solution, deliver an offer and motivate with a call to action - all without detracting from your booklets' educational value. Booklet printing is a powerful way to establish authority and earn direct sales. With a bit of brainstorming and marketing savvy, you can harness the power of premium booklet printing to grow your business exponentially.