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Printing Flyers To Build Your Business

resources imageYou've probably heard the business adage "you have to spend money to make money." It almost goes without saying that you'll have to invest time or money (and time is money) to market your products or services to earn the business you need to be profitable. While the adage is true, it can be discouraging to small business owners because it leaves out a very important sentiment: You don't have to spend a lot of money to make money. Wise marketing strategies fuel profits because money spent on marketing becomes a real investment instead of an expense. For each dollar spent, more is earned, so it's critical that you carefully plan your marketing strategy to maximize your bang for the buck. Few marketing strategies allow you to reach a broad audience as economical as printing flyers, and so flyer printing is the perfect solution for small- to mid-sized businesses seeking to expand.

Why printing flyers is akin to printing money

If you could get 75 new customers for a $300 investment, would you do it? Almost certainly the answer is yes - even if you profit just $10 per sale, you would make $450 right off the bat (75 x 10 = 750; 750 - 300 = $450). Now, what if you could get 600 new customers for a $1,600 investment? At $10 profit per sale, you would make (600 x 10 = 6,000; 6,000 - 1,600 = $4,400). These are real figures based on printing 2,500 flyers (about $300) and 20,000 flyers (about $1,600) and earning a 3 percent sales rate for your investment. Thus, if you have a great offer, a good pitch, compelling copy and dazzling design all you need is professional flyer printing to pull off a successful campaign. Quality matters, since your prospects will equate the quality of your products and services with the quality of your printing. The example above was for 5-inch by 6-inch flyers printed on 12-point gloss cover stock - a professional paper in an attention-getting size. As you can see, it doesn't take much to turn a profit with flyer printing ... in fact, printing flyers is like printing money when you run your campaign right!

Tips and tricks to profitable flyer printing

resources imageOf course, simply printing flyers isn't enough in and of itself. As stated, you'll need an incredible offer to get started. Your flyer will get your potential customers' attention, but you will need a great pitch to land the sale. Compelling copy that highlights the benefits of your products and services coupled with outstanding design that funnels readers' eyes to those benefits and showcases your brand image go a long way toward securing sales. Last but not least, a motivational call to action is needed to turn flyers from publications into sales pieces. What is the logical next step for customers to take? You also have to consider flyer distribution: Where does your target audience frequent, and which places offer ample opportunity to pick your flyers up and take them home? Put all of these elements together, and you can leverage the power of flyer printing to build a successful campaign that's profitable each and every time.