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Product Hang Tags That Increase Sales

resources imageIn today's competitive marketplace, using attractive, professionally designed hang tags on your products will help you and your business get noticed. When displaying your products, they should be shown in the best possible light. Having full-color hang tags will do just that. By catching a customer's eye, they can boost sales plus increase brand awareness of your products. Different types of products call for different types of hang tags. Hang tags are great at grabbing attention, creating an emotional state, upselling additional products, collecting demographic information and otherwise promoting your products. Professional hang tags increase the value of the product they hang on due to the additional level of attractiveness and information provided by a hang tag.

Six important elements for your hang tag

Keep the following concepts in mind when developing your hang tags:resources image

  Size - The size of the hang tag is in part determined by the size of the product. Generally, with larger products, you would use larger hang tags. In some instances, the reverse can also hold true, particularly with unique items or hang tags.

Paper - Hang tags can be made more noticeable if contrasting textures are used. For example, with shiny reflective products, such as mirrors, a matte paper stock would work well.

Die cut - You can add pizzazz to your products with die-cut hang tags. They also add a level of quality to your product, as you have clearly taken the time and effort to produce unique and creative hang tags.

Logo - The logo for your business should be large and stand out on your hang tag. Hang tags are great for creating brand awareness. When a customer views your hang tag, they should be able to recognize your logo and associate it with your company.

Color - When deciding on a design, you should go with a theme. Whatever message you are trying to convey, use colors and images to set the tone. Be careful to not go overboard as you don't want your message to be lost in the clutter.

Copy - Keep all copy clear, concise and simple. A hang tag is not intended for long, involved messages. Think about what you want your customers to take away. Text can be written on the back of the tag, but by doing so you can lose vital branding space. The goal of hang tags is to command attention, provide consumer information, increase the perceived value of the product and ultimately boost sales and revenue. All of this has to happen in a split second when the customer sees your tag. Most customers do not take the time to peruse hang tags. At a glance, your hang tags need to provide all of this information. Hang tags can increase sales, particularly when launching a new product or promoting a specific image or sale. To boost your retail sales, choose a hang tag design that does three things: grabs attention, tells a story (about your product) and projects an image (of your company).