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Rack Card Printing Techniques

resources imageRack card printing is one of the most affordable ways to boost returns on investment for the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Advanced rack card printing techniques make it easier than ever for businesses large and small to reach out to targeted audiences and drive traffic and customers. Whether you're a hotel, golf course, restaurant, theater, theme park, museum or other attraction, event or venue, rack card printing is an indispensable part of your marketing strategy. Read on to learn rack card printing techniques that will make you look great, save you money and boost your return on investment.

Print rack cards on the right paper

Your rack card paper serves three purposes: to withstand the rigors associated with rack longevity, to feel great in your customers' hands and to enhance the quality of your rack card design by enriching the colors, images and text. Flimsy rack cards reflect poorly on your organization, while strong, robust rack cards lend an air of professionalism and stability. People understand that popular attractions have the money to print quality materials, so your rack cards offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your success. Opt for a clean, ultra-thick 16-point gloss stock, which adds a glossy sheen to both sides of your rack card for the ultimate in professionalism and fun.

Choose the right rack card size

Standard rack cards are 4-inch by 9-inch, the perfect size for sliding into most racks. If you have the opportunity to set up your own custom racks, extend your rack card marketing to counter tops, tables and other areas or if your racks have oversized slots, you should consider an oversized rack card. Oversized rack cards command immediate attention and are available in custom sizes up to 13-inch by 17-inch.

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Foil stamp for a can't miss proposal

Foil stamping has long been employed as a vehicle for attracting immediate attention and projecting a professional image. If your rack cards are foil stamped, especially near the top, you'll easily stand out from a sea of rack competitors. Today's advanced printing techniques have made foil stamping more affordable than ever, so foil stamping is a viable rack card printing technique that gets results.

Get a proof

You should always get a hardcopy proof of your rack cards so you can double-check your layout, your colors and your copy for errors before you run the entire job. The last thing you want is to print 5,000 rack cards with a typo; and it's easier to proof your rack cards in hand than on a computer screen. A hardcopy proof is a worthwhile investment; an affordable insurance policy that your rack cards look as great off the press as they do in your design software.

Print in volume

Return on investment is the name of the game, and few techniques directly influence return on investment as much as printing in volume. The more rack cards you print at one time, the cheaper your price per rack card is, so print as many as you'll distribute all at once to save money at the press and earn money on return. Rack card printing is both affordable and highly effective. When you incorporate the proper rack card printing techniques, you enhance the overall quality of your rack card design, which in turn leads to a robust return on investment.