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Romantic Wedding Invitation Mailing Labels

Romantic Wedding Invitation Mailing Labels

It can be easy to overlook them, but if your wedding invitation mailing labels aren't on par with your envelope and invitation, they risk standing out as gaudy detractors from your romantic moment. You definitely don't want plain-Jane white mailing labels with black Times New Roman font ruining your presentation, and it doesn't make sense to settle for run-of-the-mill, store-purchased wedding invitation mailing labels, either. Instead, design and print your own mailing labels to give your wedding invitations a unique look that's all yours. If you're not sure where to start, find inspiration in the following four keys to romantic wedding invitation mailing labels.

1. Match font to theme

Fonts are more than letters that look cool, they're stylized artwork in and of themselves that speak volumes about the theme and tone of your wedding. Thus, your wedding invitation mailing labels should be designed and printed with fonts that match your theme. If you are having a traditional, elegant make own wedding invitationswedding, you might choose a font such as Chopin Script; for a gangster-themed wedding, you might opt for Riesling. Compare and contrast different fonts until you find the precise one that fits your wedding's style.

2. Whip it in shape

An awesome mailing label technique that is rarely used is to have your label die cut into a unique shape. For your wedding this could a romantic icon: puckered lips, a wedding cake or a ring, for example. Maybe silhouettes of the bride and groom on either side of the label would do the trick. Or, you could take a photo of the bride and groom hand-in-hand or embracing, and have your mailing labels die cut to accommodate the image. And if originality is what you're after, nothing beats a photo since no other wedding will have the same bride and groom!

3. Seal it with a kiss

No one ever said you couldn't have more than one mailing label on your wedding invitations. That is to say, you could create a personalized mailing label to be used for addressing your envelopes, and another custom label to seal your envelopes with. The latter labels do not need any specific information, so they could simply be shapes or images relating to the theme of your wedding. A pair of bright red puckered lips would be perfect for sealing your wedding invitations, wouldn't they? Try PsPrint’s sheet stickers. You can design the entire sheet with one design or vary the design on each individual sticker.

4. Don't forget matching return address labels

Another wedding invitation mailing label you'll need is the return address label, which should match your theme just like everything else. The great thing about return address labels is that you can typically take the same design you used for your regular mailing labels and simply downsize it, there's a little extra work involved in order to get coordinated wedding invitations. Even if your wedding invitations are relatively plain, such as single-color calligraphy without images, a cohesive look to your mailing labels will help your invitations appear more formal and elegant.