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Seven Tips for Perfect Party Invitations

Seven Tips for Perfect Party Invitations

The perfect party invitations are difficult to come by on the supermarket shelves, but that doesn't mean your efforts are a wash. Instead of buying what everyone else buys, why not create your own custom party invitation templates to send to friends and family – or even business customers? To get you started on the right foot, here are seven tips for perfect party invitations.

1. Include the right information

The perfect party invitations include the announcement of the event or occasion, the name of the celebrant (if it is a birthday party, anniversary, reception or other personal engagement), the date, the time, the location and any additional information guests should know. This might include whether to bring beverages, chairs or a covered dish; gift registries or a request not to bring gifts; whether formal or casual attire is expected (if this isn't self-evident); preparation for a fun game that will be played at the party; and any other special instructions guests need to know before they attend.

2. Directions and a map really help

Going the extra mile to include directions and a map might seem bothersome, especially if you're celebrating a child's birthday party in which most of the attendees have already been to your house. However, taking a few minutes to include such helpful information now is worth saving yourself the hassle if Aunt Edna gets lost on the way to your house and calls your cell phone at the last minute.

3. Set the mood

Your party invitations should set the mood for your event immediately: festive, somber, celebratory, commemorative or advantageous (such as for a sales event). Put your design skills to the test (start by downloading a free party invitation template) and use photos, symbols, icons, colors and white space to create the perfect layout for your perfect party invitations.

4. Go postcard-style

Instead of sending traditional greeting card-style party invitations in envelopes, opt for single-panel invitations that you can send out like postcards. This will save you money on buying or printing envelopes, and will save the time it takes to stuff and address envelopes. However, certain events should not skip the envelopes: anniversaries, weddings and baptisms are examples of events that could be too formal for postcard party invitations.

5. Print for perfection

Print your party invitations on thick, durable 16-point gloss cover stock with a bright sheen or 13-point 50 percent recycled matte cover stock for a rich appeal that has depth. Finish with a shiny UV coating for best results

6. Print eco-friendly

You can easily print eco-friendly party invitations on recycled 13-point matte cover paper stock, printed with soy inks (which are not harmful to the environment as petroleum inks are, since they emit high volumes of volatile organic compounds). Going green has never been easier, and you can rest easy that you're doing your part to save the environment when you send eco-friendly party invitations.

7. Have them mailed for you

If you're hosting a huge event, the hustle and bustle of planning might make it difficult for you to find time to stuff, address, stamp and mail envelopes or postcard invitations. Instead, have your printing company mail them for you. The fee is typically well-worth the time saved.