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Slim Business Card Printing Trends

Slim Business Card Printing Trends

Printing slim business cards is a hot, new way to make sure your business stands out from the competition in a sleek, bold and confident manner. It makes sense to print slim business cards because, chances are, most of your competitors are printing traditional business cards so you can use this strategy to easy differentiate your company. Before you get started, consider the following slim business card printing trends to help plan this portion of your marketing campaign.


The reality is that you can print slim business cards in a variety of sizes, since die-cut technology allows you to precisely plan every cut. There are a couple of standard slim business card sizes, however: one inch by three and one-half inches and one and one-half inches by three and one-half inches. Which size you choose is up to you, though it is worth mentioning that your slim business cards should still be easy to read.


Slim business cards are naturally shaped like elongated rectangles; still, you can employ the creative power of die cuts to add pizzazz to your business card that helps brand your company's style. Consider having your slim business cards die cut with rounded corners, in a convex or concave shape, or even shaped like a squiggle.


Your die cuts can serve as accents in their own right, but you can take your business card style a step further with foil stamps. Foil stamps can add flair or elegance to your slim business cards, depending on how you use them. You might, for example, fill in bold text or shapes with a foil stamp for a striking look; or, you might outline frames, text or the entire business card itself for a more elegant, sophisticated look.


Many designers craft slim business cards that simply mimic their traditionally sized counterparts, but you can make a more powerful impression by developing a design concept that is relevant to the shape of your new business cards or that is likewise somehow different from your competitors' business cards. You might, for example, design your slim business cards with an in-action photo of you on the front, and your name and e-mail address only on the back. Simple and minimalist, such a design would match the sleek nature of your slim business cards.


No matter how you choose to print your slim business cards, keep in mind that it is always best to start off with a template, pre-formatted in the correct size, resolution and color format to ensure your artwork is properly matched with your printer's press. Such templates also come with helpful guidelines to help you position your artwork. You can download business card layout templates for free to use with any graphic editor.