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Square Business Card Marketing Strategies

Square Business Card Marketing Strategies

Many strategies exist to help your business cards make a great first impression and your company stand out from the competition. One of the simplest ways to make an impression and make your business cards more memorable is to print square business cards.

Square business cards convey confidence

Square business cards have an immediate benefit — they make your company seem interesting, engaging and confident right off the bat. Only companies that are secure in what they do and how they do it would dare to break the mold to attract customers; and your prospects will recognize your square business cards as a bold move that gets results. And if they see your company as one that gets results, they'll trust that you'll be able to achieve results for them – no matter what products or services you sell.

Marketing with design and distribution

When it comes to square business card marketing strategies, you can largely rely on two things to make your business stand out: your business card design itself and your business card distribution. There is no need to go out of your way to draw attention to the fact that you've printed square business cards – it is obvious and your prospects will obviously figure that out for themselves. In that same vein, there is no need to tell your prospects what square business cards say about your business. Let your business cards speak for themselves and for your company, and you'll come off as a pro and not an amateur. There are certain design strategies you can employ to make your square business cards even more powerful, however. You might, for example, craft a design that melds the square shape with a concept that is relevant to your company. A commercial security firm, for example, might design a square business card that looks like safe; or a window washing company might design a business card that looks like windows.

Try a die cut

You can add elegance and prestige to your square business cards by having them die cut with rounded corners; or add value by creating additional panels for coupons, appointments, notes, schedules or other helpful information and deploying them on folded business cards. Folded business cards likewise make it easy to have your business cards stand up on their own – perfect for counter-top marketing on tables, restaurants, saloons, receptionist desks and other high-profile areas.

Add a foil stamp

Foil stamps can also be an attractive way to add punch to your square business card designs. You can frame your square designs with a foil stamp, add a slice of fun with bright foil stamped color fills or make your business cards more elegant with a prestigious foil stamped text outline. As mentioned, design is only part of the equation when it comes to square business card marketing. Distribution is ultimately what will grow your business. Your square business cards should be distributed not only face-to-face, but on every counter and surface your customers see, in every communication you send, handed out by street crews, and strategically placed just about anywhere your customers are likely to come across them. If you can take this advice and add a special offer to your square business cards – such as a discount coupon – you will be able to print powerful square business cards that work hard to help you grow your company.