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Square Business Card Printing Tips

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The decision to print square business cards is a good one to make for any business that wants to stand out from the competition and make a powerful first impression on prospective customers. Square business cards are particularly impressive because they identify yours as a company that is interesting, engaging and results-driven. When you print square business cards, your company exudes a cool confidence that your customers will appreciate – it helps them feel at ease doing business with you because they understand that only confident companies actually know how to do what they say they can do. Print square business cards and you will help position your business for success – but don't jump the gun just yet. It's a good idea to formulate a solid business card printing plan before you set out to design your business card. Doing so will help you take advantage of printing tricks and techniques that will amplify your business card marketing strategy. If you truly want to achieve success from a powerful business card marketing campaign, try these square business card printing tips.

Play with shapes

Printing square business cards is a powerful marketing strategy, but you can make an even more lasting impression with your business cards by using creative die cuts such as rounded corners or a convex or concave outline. Or, turn your design a few degrees so you can distribute diamond-shaped business cards. No matter how you tweak your square business cards, download a free business card design layout template before you begin. Such templates save time (ergo, money) and come pre-formatted in the correct size, color mode and resolution. Best of all, these templates include helpful guidelines for cut lines, safe area and bleed lines so you can ensure your finished product matches the design on your screen.

Add elegance or pizzazz with foil stamps

Foil stamping is a great way to draw attention to any business card, and it’s even more powerful when coupled with another attention-getting business card printing technique such as square business cards. Foil stamps not only attract attention, they can leave your prospects with a lasting impression that you can control based on how you employ your foil stamps in your design. For example, you can achieve an elegant or prestigious look by foil stamping text and photo outlines, or by creating a foil stamped frame around your entire square business card. Or, you can add big and bold pizzazz – and even a splash of fun – by filling in text, shapes and patterns with a foil stamp.

Print in quantity

It's a simple and well-known fact that the more pieces you print – regardless of what it is you're printing – the better your price per piece will be. This is largely due to the fact that it costs money to set up an offset printing press to run a print job, but this is a one-time cost per job. Thus, the more pieces you print the more that cost is distributed per piece, bringing your entire price per piece down.