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Stickers for Cars and Motorcycles

Stickers for Cars and Motorcycles

There's nothing cooler than expressing yourself on the open road with stickers for your car or motorcycle. From bumper stickers promulgating political policies to Harley Davidson helmet stickers unabashedly declaring ownership of the asphalt, stickers for cars and motorcycles help the free spirited enjoy their freedoms - and elicit the occasional smile on their travels. Most people don't know that you can actually design, distribute and even sell your own stickers for cars and motorcycles. From single printed lines to elaborate flaming skulls, you can design and print car stickers and motorcycle stickers right from your computer. All you need is a little design know-how and an Internet connection. Let's get started!

Sketch your sticker

First define what your sticker's purpose is, and what you want it to say. You might be branding a company, selling humor or proudly proclaiming a position. There is no right or wrong theme for a motorcycle or car sticker, so go wild. Once you know what you want your sticker to say and look like, use a pencil to sketch your sticker to give you a foundation. Make multiple sketches and choose the best to focus on when you actually sit down at the computer. It can be helpful to ask others which sketches they prefer.

Get a template

If you're using Microsoft Word, Open Office, Scribus or other software, see if you can find free sticker templates online. If you're using a professional design program, such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, log on to PsPrint's free sticker template page to download a pre-configured press-ready sticker layout template. Using as template to guide you through your sticker design can save time and money at the press and ensure that your stickers are printed in the right resolution (at least 300 dpi) and the right color format (typically CMYK or spot color). If you have questions, ask your printer for advice.

Create your sticker design

Using your chosen sketch as a rough guideline, draw your sticker in your favorite design program. Save it as a press-ready document (often .pdf, .psd, and .ai formats will work, depending on your printer). Send your sticker to your printing company, and make sure you get an electronic or hardcopy proof before it actually goes to press. The last thing you want is to print 1,000 stickers with a spelling error!

Have your stickers professionally printed

There are several benefits to professional sticker printing. First and foremost, pro sticker printing looks great. And when you print on high-grade white vinyl sticker paper, you get the added benefit of durability and easy crack-and-peel backing. Get instant quotes on car and motorcycle sticker printing with fade-resistant inks from PsPrint. Many professional printers also offer die-cut stickers, so you can have your stickers cut to fit special areas of your car motorcycle. Stickers can brand, they can be fun, they can be cool and they can be political - or anything in between. Stickers retain a certain unique American appeal that can only be appreciated on the open road, so turn your car or motorcycle into a soapbox by printing your own custom stickers.