How to Use Stickers to Increase Brand Recognition

resources imageStickers are often overlooked as an effective and attention-grabbing branding tool, even though they have the most versatility when it comes to placement: if there's a dry surface, chances are you can place a sticker on it. Here are a few unique ways to use stickers to increase your brand recognition:

A reason to love traffic jams

Bumpers stickers are probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of sticker marketing, and for good reason - with thousands of cars on the road at all times, the more bumper stickers you can get on the backs of cars the more likely you'll generate business from people who might otherwise have never heard of your company. The key is grabbing attention and sending a relevant message with your bumper stickers. Instead of simply placing their company name and logo on the bumper sticker, for instance, an Internet service provider could put a saying such as, "Tired of being stuck in the slow lane? Get lightning fast Internet with FastWire!"

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Hit the streets

Many companies incorporate street teams to distribute their stickers, handing them out free to anyone who will take them. Some even to go extremes by placing them on cars and passers-by. You might want not to do this lest you risk legal action taken against your company and alienating your customer base; however, there's no reason your street team can't pass out stickers for people to place on folders, coffee mugs, windows, envelopes, bumpers and anything else they can stick to.

Smart targeting

More than just about any other advertising medium, stickers can be placed in creative places sure to get attention. Consider, for instance, the mouthwash company that placed stickers on the ceiling above dentists chairs; or the breast cancer prevention organization that put stickers on fruit saying, "Do you check your breasts this thoroughly?" In many cases, you can find great advertising placement in unique places that, because they are so unique, have never been considered ad space and therefore can be purchased rather inexpensively. Another often-used method of smart sticker placement, especially for retail stores, is to place stickers in the shape of footprints leading from the front door to special sales. These can be themed such as with paw prints for dog food sales or monster tracks leading to the latest summer blockbuster. After reading this article, try to give proper consideration to using stickers as effective marketing tools. If you can come up with creative sticker placement, you can grab business and brand your company without the bother of pesky competition.