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Supersize Your Business Card Size

resources imageThe size of your business card isn't limited to the standard 3.5-inch by 2-inch dimensions used by most. When every other marketing material is open to size fluctuations, why shouldn't your business card size be privy to the same? Supersizing your business cards can have the wonderful effect of making you appear different from others - bold, brilliant and better than the competition. The following details three ways you can supersize your business cards' size in ways that will impress your potential customers and lead to more sales.

1. Supersize your business cards for the Rolodex

So many people use Rolodexes it's a wonder more companies don't print Rolodex-sized business cards. It's simple to do - all you have to do is download a free Rolodex business card template and create your card on it. The template will dictate where your business card will be cut out so that it can easily fit inside a Rolodex. It's an ingenious way to hand out business cards that customers can immediately file and find when they need the products and services you sell.

2. Supersize your business cards for attention

Getting attention is your first priority as a marketer, and when you hand out extra-large business cards you will be noticed. This isn't to say that your business cards should require a pickup truck to carry home, but take note that even an inch or so of difference between your card and your competitors' cards send a strong message to potential customers. Some believe you might run the risk of getting oversized business cards stuck in trash cans because they can't easily fit in pockets. This might be true of some, but then again, those who make such hasty decisions without an appreciation for your style might not exactly be your ideal customers.

3. Supersize your business cards for a wall hanging

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You might think it sounds crazy, but you can print business cards in sizes up to 13-inches by 17-inches for a reason. You're probably wondering who is going to put up a business card the size of a poster on their wall. For starters, you are - hang it on your wall and in your window. Look for cheap advertising space in business district windows, since other local businesses might let you hang your business card there. Many barbers allow their clients to place their business cards on a bulletin board; imagine if yours was up there overshadowing all the others. Another way to practically guarantee your supersized business card makes it onto walls is to design it with a relevant image your customers will relate to. If you're a mechanic, for example, you might ]]>design your business cards]]> with a pristine classic car in the background and your information in the foreground. Since it will already be looked at on a regular basis, you have the opportunity to build your brand name and broaden your influence.