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Table Tents Can Increase Sales for Restaurants

Diners, cafes, bars, grills, restaurants, steakhouses, smokehouses, foreign fare - no matter where you to dine, you've undoubtedly seen hundreds or even thousands of restaurant table tents in your day. The reason they're so prolific? They work. As a marketing strategy table tents serve as one of the most powerful complements to your menu and can promote specials and encourage upsells beyond what the traditional menu can do alone.

Promote specials

Use table tents to promote special deals such as family specials and new creations. Create your deal so that your profit margin is high - a pizza deal that feeds a family of four with pizza, an appetizer, and beverages for under $30 would be a likely example, especially if the food only costs $10 to produce. The customer gets more for less, and the restaurant sells an appetizer it might not have otherwise sold.


resources imageTable tents are notorious for tickling our taste buds with tantalizing images of desserts. Some customers look at a table tent right away, which is why many restaurants promote drinks on one side. Others wait until after they've reviewed the menu and ordered, which is when they can get a good hankering for your special dessert while they're waiting for you to prepare the main course. In both cases, someone might order something more exotic (read: more expensive) than if they had not seen the table tent (think Mai Tai versus a Diet Coke, or apple pie a la mode versus a chocolate mint). Drinks and desserts aren't the only upsells you can achieve with table tents. Some restaurants sell T-shirts, hats, beer mugs, shot glasses and other branded items that table tents can promote.

Event and service promotion

Table tent printing is also an excellent way to promote events such as bands, comedians, benefits, birthday party packages, catering services, party rentals, and many other events and services you provide.

Table tent printing done right

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Printing table tents is a painless process when you know the secrets to great-looking table tents that get responses. Like any other print marketing campaign, your table tent copy should be concise and compelling, including an offer, benefits and call to action. Your design should be outstanding, showcasing food and highlighting good times. Also, your table tents should be printed on quality materials such as 100-pound gloss cover stock with water-resistant UV coating for a beautiful premium sheen and table top durability. Table tents are a powerful way for any restaurant to attract repeat business, encourage upsells, promote new items and special deals, and market services and events. No matter what cuisine your restaurant serves, you can't go wrong with table tent printing!