Table Tents for Sales Distribution

You know that table tents cards are a powerful marketing tool employed by restaurants worldwide, but did you also know that just about any business can profit from table tent marketing? It's true, but despite the fact that table tents offer unique opportunities to get your message in front of a highly targeted audience many companies simply never engage in it. Too bad for your competitors, and good news for you! Here's how you can use table tents for sales distribution:

Start at the source

resources imageFirst and foremost, just because table tents are primarily used by restaurants doesn't mean you can't get your message to the dining table. Speak with restaurateurs who share your target audience to see what you can do to get your table tents on their tables. They might sell you the ad space for a fee, or they might be willing to split the costs of printing the table tents with you - you get one side, they get the other. If that doesn't work, you could offer to cover the entire cost of the table tents and give them one side if the audience is targeted enough and you believe they'll act on your offer.

Creative placement

Anywhere people are stationary for a period of time is a good place to distribute table tents. Airport lounges, nightclubs, doctors' offices, and other places with seats are shoo-ins for table tents. You can also consider placing table tents on cab driver dashboards or on stationary exercise equipment (elliptical machines, treadmills, etc.) at health clubs by using a sticker to affix the table tents. Remember that creative placement is often remembered, making it more likely that your table tents will have the desired effect on your prospects. A table tent on an exercise bike is more noticeable than a table tent on a restaurant table.

Add value

resources image

The success of your table tent marketing campaign is contingent on: 1) the quality of your audience targeting; 2) the quality of your offer and call to action; and 3) your presentation. Add value to your table tents by turning them into coupons, perforated VIP discount coupons or making them into something practical your audience might use. If you're placing your table tents in a hot wings joint, you could include some information on the Scoville Scale, for example. In an airport lounge you could include a tipping chart or flight stress relief tips. Make sure to include a great offer and compelling call to action to seal the response.

Print quality

Anywhere humans converge is bound to be full of spills, accidents and other mishaps. To give your table tents a premium luster and simultaneously protect them from damage, have your table tents professionally printed on 100-pound gloss cover stock with water-resistant UV coating. Table tents are for more than simple restaurant upsells - they can become powerful marketing tools that elevate your company to the next level by hitting targeted niche points your competitors are missing. Follow the tips contained within this article to print full-color table tents that achieve a dynamic return on investments.